Personality match in matrimony

Personality match in matrimony

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Parents of a young girl, keen to get her married soon, after lot of search pinned down on a guy, the type they were looking for. Preliminary astrological match was found good. For final check, they went to their family astrologer, who rejected the choice outright. When asked for the reasons, the astrologer put a question mark on their marital stability based on some astrological pointers. In desperation, they consulted many other astrologers. All of them approved the match. But they could not ignore their family astrologer, whom they trusted the most. In a state of utter confusion, they sought my opinion.

When I agreed with his family astrologer, giving details of the astrological pointers on which, he had rejected the choice, they asked: “Is your opinion based on the same factors? And how comes other astrologers gave their consent? My other worry is that my daughter’s marriage is getting delayed. When do you think it is likely to happen? Kindly suggest some remedial measure to expedite the marriage.”

Other astrologers just looked at the traditional matching score, which being good, they agreed. But let me make it clear that traditional matching count method just offers a prima-facie view, which is based on the law of average applied on placement of Moon in the two charts. It is my personal experience that despite scoring even 34 counts out of a total of 36, lot of marriages have failed. So traditional matching by itself doesn’t offer a true picture. For, it doesn’t offer any light on personality traits of the two prospective partners, which we can’t afford to ignore.

Your family astrologer got into finer details of the two charts before he offered his opinion, and so his viewpoint seems better reasoned. In so far as my opinion is concerned, it is not based just on the astrological pointers your family astrologers looked at. I count more on personality matching of the prospective partners. Remember, what is more important in marital relationship is how the two would engage with each other, the premise for which is set by the inherent habits and tendencies of the two. Once the partners settle down in marriage, the two begin taking each other for granted, when their inherent trends come out in open, and with obvious consequences.

It is not worth looking for a remedial measure to expedite the marriage. If there are indications for delayed marriage in someone’s horoscope, it is purposeful. It offers time and space to work upon one’s habits and attitudes, but for which it will be difficult to make the marriage work with ease. Timely marriage is desirable. But more important is harmony and stability. But rest assured, she may get married in a year’s time.

Look at the astrological pointers to your daughter’s personality trends. She is born in a fiery and movable sign Aries. That makes her headstrong, impulsive, aggressive, irritable, impatient and intolerant. She is domineering, who would like to be at the head of things and detest playing second fiddle to any. Lagna lord Mars is placed adverse to Uranus and Neptune. This, in the first place, makes her temperamental and erratic. Second, when faced with unpleasant situation, she may develop inferiority complex. More so, because the Sun is locked in adverse formation to its planet of nemesis Saturn. It implies that she has a negative mindset having a nagging tendency. She carries an indwelling sense of fear and insecurity, which makes her habitually suspicious of others. Given a difficult situation, self-pitying and pessimism may overtake her mind’s drive.

Now coming to the prospective partner, Taurus lagna, read together with its lord Venus as well as mind signifying Moon, both in fixed signs make him a stubborn guy. Moon placed adverse to Mars makes him temperamental, moody, and irritable. Moon, ill-disposed off to Mercury makes him indecisive, resentful of others, may lack focus, and carries worrying tendency. Jupiter placed adverse to Mercury accounts for his insensible reasoning and judgment. Jupiter placed adverse to Mars speaks of a swaggering ego, stuck to his preconceived beliefs and perceptions, not open to look beyond for a reality check. It will be difficult for him to digest if ever someone differs with his viewpoint. On top of that Mars is ill-disposed off to Saturn, which gives him bad temper, and brings in revengeful tendency. If ever provoked he may go wild, when he may lose sense of reasons and order. You can yourself make out whether the two can stand each other for long.

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