Let Guru be your guide

Let Guru be your guide

Picking up threads from the previous issue, let us first have a look into the construct and chemistry of mind. For, it defines and drives through the functional mandate of a being. There are three functional tools of mind – Buddhi, Ahamkara and Manasa. They don’t have separate identity by themselves. They are rather interwoven into an integrated mechanism, all working in support of each other.

Coming to individual attributes of the three, Buddhi is the faculty of discriminate intelligence. It lets you dispassionately analyse the issues in hand, and arrive at the right judgment to pick up the right lead. But Buddhi doesn’t play out involuntarily. It has to be consciously invoked by Ahamkara. With its inbuilt sense of ‘I’ consciousness, Ahamkara mandates how to go about in life. And Manasa,  acting from the front acts two ways. It translates the indwelling desire trends into action. Also, it gathers outer field data. In both cases, Ahamkara is supposed to engage Buddhi for due diligence before taking any call. The irony, however, is that often Ahamkara takes the inputs on their face value, when Manasa would react and responds on instinctive judgment, which carries equal probability of ending up either way – rewarding or frustrating.

Now, coming to the chemistry of mind. Mind takes off on the thought feeds in store – the Karmic carryover from the past. Mind does also respond to external promptings and influences. In both cases, Ahamkara is supposed to engage Buddhi for due diligence before allowing them a field play. The paradox, however, is that for those living unmindfully, often Ahamkara takes the thought feeds on their face value, when it doesn’t feel the necessity of due diligence. It, thus, comes out that we do not use our empowerment tools optimally, and when we fail, we try to find escape in our destiny.

It may be pertinent to add here that instore thought feeds in mind, precondition our minds. They bind you to its inherent tendencies, one is born with – desire trends, virtues & attributes, likes & dislikes, prejudices & obsessions, habits & attitudes. That restricts our scope of vision to a limited mind-space having in store only the thought feeds carried over from the past. We, thus look at issues in hand within the scope of a limited window frame, usually not open to look beyond for a reality check or explore a better option available. Such minds are seldom receptive to fresh educative inputs.

Another aspect of mind is that unmindfully it continuously keeps breeding thoughts, a good majority of them inconsequential, some of them even negative. And mind keeps randomly flirting with them like a monkey in the wild, playfully jumping from one branch of tree to the other. That further clutters our minds so much that it doesn’t leave scope to process an issue in hand or any fresh thought objectively, and with obvious consequences. Consequently, mind becomes so complexed that it can’t see simple truths lying in front. It keeps moving round and round, but truth eludes its attention. Remember, you cognise only such things where you pay attention. That makes it incumbent upon us to first come out of the limitations of mind, if at all wish to improve our lot. But habits die hard. Even if you become aware of your inherent tendencies either through self-reflection, which we are capable of, or by whatever means, it is ordinarily difficult to come out of their bind. They involuntarily keep playing out.

Here comes the role of a Guru. He doesn’t play a magic wand. Having himself addressed his limitations, and expanded his vision, he would know how to lead you through towards a better tomorrow. He first makes you aware of your latent potential, which though immense, remains untapped. He, thus, first encourages you to get better empowered. The way forward is to train your mind to access its full landscape, where after it knows no limits, as it looks at issues in hand with an open mind, without any limitations whatsoever to pick up the right lead. To make it happen, the Guru first puts you through a process to clear off the clutters of mind. Sufficient mind-space thus becomes available to absorb fresh educative inputs. Second, he makes aware of your inherent limitations and the way to address them. He then offers lessons in realities of life, which when absorbed in the deep realms of mind, finds reflection in your usual conduct. You are thus geared up to rewrite your own destiny.

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