Fine art of living well

Fine art of living well

If you wish to enjoy a game you are playing, in the first place, you need to be conversant with rules driving it, and the art of playing. Second, you need to learn from an experienced coach, the techniques necessary to play the game proficiently. Third, you need to team up well with the co-players, but for which, it will not be possible to make it a success. And finally, you need to be on full mental alert so as to visualise in advance, the challenges likely to be posed by opponents. It is only with such a holistic approach that you can emerge a winner.
The usual run of human life too, is something like a game play. The difference being that in a sporting event the number of players is limited, but in course of life-play, you are to contend with umpteen numbers of competing fellow travellers. That makes the life-play even more complex and challenging, particularly when each individual is born unique. All reflect varying mental dispensation, often playing spoil-sport with others. What makes the game plan even more complex is that human mind, which drives a being, happens to be a trickster by itself. For, the indwelling sense of duality becomes subject to self-invited conflicting thoughts. Mind again, remains susceptible to tempting glare and glitters of the illusionary seeming world. What compounds the problem even more is that invariably we are all born with a preconditioned mind not allowing much of scope to explore beyond self-defined parameters, and so often truth eludes us.
Life, however, has to keep marching ahead. So, the question now is: What is the way out of this impasse so as to prove an achiever in the sport of life? The answer lies in learning the ‘Art of Living’ holistically. That calls for identifying and then perfecting the inlaid infirmities, acknowledging and honing inlaid potential, and develop inter-personal relationship skills necessary to team up well with the world around. Also, you need to be on full mental alert to smartly deal with the callings of varying dynamics of emerging times.
You like it or not, but you have to learn anyway, whether consciously or when forced by circumstances. When you learn consciously, life becomes easy. Otherwise, when pulled down by circumstances, there are two ways people usually respond. Some get too much unnerved, begin to sulk, get into guilt syndrome, lose confidence, begin to doubt their capacity, and life becomes cumbersome. Others, draw lesson out of their failings, reinvent themselves, and finally make it to their dream destination. But all said and done, even if you get over your failure, you prove to be a late starter, because you are already left behind in the run of time.
Evidently, the better course is to consciously get into the learning process well in time. For that, you need to have a Guru, who first shows your mirror-image; he leads you to overcome your frailties, and then optimise your potential. In this respect Astrology too can prove a great help, as it could dispassionately figure out the basic fabric of your making.
Here is a case in point of someone who has not been able to settle down in life despite having moved into his forties. He wished to know: Why lady-luck has been eluding him? He was told that the root of his problem lied in his habit tendencies. Let us now look at astrological pointers to his personality framework.
The Sun conjunct limiting Saturn speaks of indwelling sense of negativity that makes him begin looking at anything with an element of doubt. Also, there exists seed of fear and insecurity that made him a habitual escapist. Mind signifying Moon sandwiched between Neptune and Ketu, occupies the sign Sagittarius, pointing out a wavering mind not allowing him to take decision in time. He, thus, often misses opportunities. Second, he is tactless and un-diplomatic. He would impulsively make ill-timed and indiscreet statements often offending those around. Third, Mercury placed adverse to Rahu and Ketu does not let him remain focused to his task for long. Consequently, he is not able to pursue any task in hand to its logical end and leave midway through.
On top of all is his volatile emotionality, coming as it may with combust Venus, read together with Jupiter placed adverse to Moon. Late though, but circumstances have forced him to come for a learning lesson to me, following which he will be able to come out with his best soon.

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