Mind-trends of twins vary

Mind-trends of twins vary

Couple of years back, a lady came seeking guidance on how to improve her relationship with husband, which had become sour. She was advised to look within, identify and acknowledge her own fault lines, and address them before expecting from her partner to behave. When she began reflecting upon herself, she realised that she impulsively reacts and responds to external trigger on instinctive judgment, without applying proper forethought. She worked upon her fault line, and their relationship improved soon after.

Later, her aunt gave me particulars of a girl and wished to know about her marital prospects. After analysing her chart, I confronted the lady: “Is she not married yet?” “That is what I wish to know”, said the lady. “It appears that you are hiding something, in fact, trying to test me. From my analysis, it appears that she must have got married under unusual circumstances to someone belonging to another race or religion.” I countered. “Well, this chart belongs to the other twin of the girl whom you had counselled earlier. Their charts look similar. They were brought up under similar conditions. How come one girl had a traditional marriage and the other one opted for an unconventional route?” The lady asked.

Well, what apparently looks similar, at the subtle level there are wide differences, which only a well versed astrologer can figure out. How does it matter whether it was the case of other twin? Only parentage and how one is brought up, will not define a person’s mindset. Bear in mind; every being is born unique, reflecting varying desire and mind-trends, coming as it may with individualistic Karmic carryover from the past, and hence the difference. “Please explain astrologically as I understand the subject a bit as 7th house marked with marriage and their lord remains the same in both the cases”, the lady asked.

Well, instead of the 7th house, better look at their 7th cusp sub-lord for the answer. In case of the elder one, the 7th cusp falls at 19 degrees, 31 minutes and 5 second in Virgo sign, jointly ruled by Mercury as sign lord, Moon as constellation lord and Mercury again as sub-lord. Now, Mercury occupies the lunar constellation ruled by benevolent Jupiter, the one marked with conventionality, and so, won’t allow breaking established societal norms. She, therefore, had a traditional marriage with her own caste fellow.

In case of the younger one, the 7th cusp falls at 22 degrees, 53 minutes and 49 seconds in Virgo sign, the sign and constellation lords remaining the same as the elder one, the sub-lord is the Sun in debilitation, which occupies the constellation owned by erratic Rahu. Rahu is placed adverse to Mars, which gave her the courage to take a bold stand. Rahu again, ill-disposed off to Uranus marked with unconventionality, made her defy societal norm. Saying sorry for trying to test me, the lady later revealed that the younger one ran away with an English boy, stayed with him as live-in-partner for a year before getting married.

Recently, I had the occasion to counsel twin girls the same day. The elder one was receptive and responsive. The younger one was stuck to what temped her in immediate terms, rather than pursuing the discipline which she had originally pursued. Why such opposite trends?

Being a question pertaining to personality trend, here, a look at the lagna cusp of the two charts becomes imperative. In case of the elder one, lagna cusp fell at 20 degrees, 27 minutes and 25 seconds in Gemini sign  jointly ruled by Mercury as the sign lord, Jupiter as the constellation as well as sub-lord. Jupiter occupies its own sign Sagittarius, a dual sign, and is conjunct Moon. Because of being a dual sign, though she would be subject to vacillation by herself, but when exposed to reason, she will be receptive and responsive, as would conjunction of benefic Jupiter with mind signifying Moon mean.

On the contrary, the lagna cusp of the younger one fell as 25 degrees, 40 minutes and 06 seconds in Gemini sign, where the sign and constellation lord remaining the same, the sub-lord becomes Mercury. Mercury occupies a fixed sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn, implying a fixated one track mind, not open to listening or counsel. Mercury is ill-disposed off to mischievous Neptune, which makes her stuck to self-delusional ideas, and not keen for a reality check.  Also, it accounts for her insensible reasoning and judgement. And the result is there to see.

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