Let things happen naturally

Let things happen naturally

Parents of a daughter, worried about undue delay in her marriage, came asking the other day: “My daughter has already entered her forties and yet we could not organise her marriage despite our relentless efforts. Why so? Is she cursed? What is in store of her destiny? Is her marriage promised, and if so, when? Suggest me some remedial measures, if that could help expedite her marriage.”

“At the outset, let me tell you that your daughter’s marriage is promised, but is due for a delayed marriage. Have patience, it is now round the corner.” I assured them. Remember, everybody comes into life with a preordained programme that usually drives one’s course of life, coming as it may with Karmic carryover from the past. It is ordinarily difficult to change that course. No puja can undo Karmic carryover. It is only a spiritual process that can help figure out one’s basic fabric of making through self-reflection, and then make necessary amends. Provided, the person concerned pursues the process in all seriousness for a continued stretch of time. The problem, however, is that ordinarily at marriageable age, the youngsters live in their own dream world, often distanced from ground realities, and seldom drawn towards  spirituality.

Here again, it is unfair to assign delayed marriage to any curse. The delay, if indicated in a horoscope is always purposeful. It needs to be appreciated here that marriage by itself is not the end game. More important is a harmonious and stable marriage. Only a matured person could handle the subtleties of marital life with ease and comfort. Remember, marriage means union of two characters, both born unique, each marked with a particular mind-trend – habits and attitudes as well as virtues and attributes. The habits and attitudes deserve particular attention as they often prove a spoiler. Marriages don’t go bad because it would be so scripted in one’s horoscope. It often happens because of one’s unseemly conduct, primarily guided by habits and attitudes. So, if there is delay, it offers time and space to develop the maturity necessary to efficiently negotiate marital issues. Going through learning lessons of life, one  is able to improve interpersonal relationship skills, which helps being in accord with each other, overriding all individual limitations.

Let us now look at the astrological pointers to her personality trends. She is born in Scorpio lagna, a fixed and an aggressive sign. Lagna lord Mars is there in lagna itself together with its dire enemy Saturn. This needs to be read together with mind signifying Moon in a fixed sign Leo, and placed adverse to Mars. It speaks of a stubborn character having a fixated one track mind. She would be having a commanding nature, keen to live in a demanding mode. If ever provoked, she may get into fighting mode, at times taking things to extreme. What could further compound her problems is her volatile emotionality, coming as it may with combust Venus. That makes her too much touchy and sensitive. She may get over exercised even of trivial issues, and stretch them beyond their due. She may keep mulling over them, scheming how to fix the other side at the earliest possible opportunity. If that would not be enough, Mars is also placed adverse to Jupiter, which speaks loud of her inflated ego. That makes her stuck to self-defined limits, not keen to look beyond for a reality check. If ever, things don’t happen her way, it becomes difficult to digest. She may then go wild, and in an agitated state, could become a victim of her own making.

Uranus in the lagna, placed adverse to Mercury, which is also ill-disposed off to erratic Rahu, makes her eccentric and opinionated. It also accounts for insensible reasoning and judgment. She lacks the focus and patience necessary to dwell on any issue in hand, which doesn’t let her figure out the underlying truth. All the more because Moon is placed adverse to Saturn, which brings in a sense of negativity, whereby she would habitually blame others for all the wrong happening, and be overcritical of them. On top of that, the Sun placed adverse to Uranus makes her self-willed and tactless.

To sum, it is girl’s good luck that she did not have an early marriage. Otherwise, given her habits and attitudes, it would have proved disastrous. So, let her marriage happen when naturally due, which is expected early next year. Rest assured, given her astrological directions, it will prove a stable and successful marriage.

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