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1. Sambit Samal, Toronto, Canada.
Bharat's analysis is brilliant, pragmatic and heartfelt. My family has been associated with him since 2005. His holistic life readings will take one on an engaging journey that embraces Astrology's implications and applications for all times. The 20-minute meditation suggested by him as a remedy will certainly improve one's life on all levels.

2. Sandhya Singh, Bangalore.
Dear Sir,
I remembered when n how I had contacted you, it was one of my friend who told me about you .....she generally used to read your articles the one used to published in Sunday’s newspaper. i was going through the most vulnerable n testing period of life where I was completely lost n almost finished .My marriage was at stake n I was with my one year old child .....didn’t know where I was heading. Once my friend advised me to contact Mr. Bharat Bhushan. Sir, I met you, you had seen my and my husband 's chart n advised me to believe in him and wait for more time . With time things will fall in place, actually happened the same .Thanking you for giving me right direction at that particular point of time. Sir, many times I felt as if God had sent you for my help. You saved me n my children. Thanking you for all time to time guidance which really help me to retain my marriage.
Thanking you, your child,Sandhya

3. Kishore Kumar Singh, International Adviser to UNDP, Bangladesh.
In my experience, this is the best web site for astrological queries and understanding of astrology, stress management and meditation. All predictions regarding my career have come true. I also got the same feedback from the friends and relatives whom I referred to this website. I had never thought that these kinds of predictions actually work. My experience with this web site has completely changed my perception regarding astrological readings and its values. It is a wonderful experience.

4. Arun Sharma, Australia, Engineer (Ex-Indian Railway Official).
I am associated with Mr. Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo since last 10 years, out of which last 5 years in Australia. I have regularly consulted him on personal and family progression issues. During Global Financial Crisis (GFC), he predicted accurately to my situation when I was having some issues with my work. His confidence eased my stress and I comfortably passed the phase. In present volatile economic environment, I have regularly solicited need based guidance from Mr. Bharat Bhushan. His inputs have helped me in showing the proper direction. I am also touched by articles on his website. Articles show uniqueness about his thoughts and have elements for human development.
Arun Sharma

5. Sanjay Singh Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services, Delhi.
I have known Shri Bharat Bhushan Padmadeoji for the last 25 years when he was living in Jamshedpur with a respectable practise in Astrology consulting. Through these 25 years I have observed Shri Padmadeoji evolving spiritually through deep meditation and the blessings of Guruji. As an Astrologer, Shri Padmadeoji is research driven and had done considerable work both on the predictive as well in the counselling domain in Astrology. His analysis and conclusions are convincing, even though sometimes they may differ with very conventionally held views. However, what makes Shri. Padmadeoji distinct is the fact that he takes a wholesome, 360 degree approach towards a problem. The insights and the philosophical bearings are often of greater value than the mere prediction of events. He specialities is counselling students and young adults in resolving their inner most concerns. I have seen him free people from deep seated complexes and stresses by simply explaining their perceived short comings in a new light. I have great regard and deep respect of Shri. Padmadeoji and cherish our relationship.
Thanks. Sanjay Singh

6. Vimmi Sinha, HomeMaker, Dwarka, New Delhi -11007.
I was surprised by the prefect prediction of Sri Bharat Bhushan, Astrologer who had never met me earlier or knew anything about me. The answer given for my question was so accurate, that I felt to share it for the benefit of others. His style of prediction is very logical & sincere. The good response and verified predictions gave an authentic nature of aspects happening in life. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing service of Sri Bharat Bhushan. We are so fortunate to have access to astrologer like him.

7. Sanjay Sinha, Vice President, Rockland Group of Companies, New Delhi-110016.
Shri Bharat Bhushan’s spiritual counseling for increasing positive energy was very precise for me and my family in tiding over problems and agonies of life. He had given all advice and support through astrology to assure safety and security of health, wealth and peace of mind. My words fail to express my gratitude to him, who showed me ways to come out of the ‘Chakravyuha’ of worldly agonies, which has paralysed my thoughts and behaviour at difficult times of my life. I bow myself before him in reverence.
Sanjay Sinha.

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