Stress Management


Leading a stress-free life is among the common goals of mankind.  The reality, however, is that life without stress is simply inconceivable …..

The Universe is in continued motion; Human life too, is always in action; and no movement is possible without being met with resistance.  Even while apparently idling, a person’s mind keeps working or wandering, flirting with uninterrupted streams of thoughts (some of them assumed).  The mind in itself is potent enough to successively breed contrarian thoughts.  Not to mention being confronted with challenges thrown by competing interests and unforeseen circumstantial constraints, while pursuing the tasks in hand.

What, however, really matters is how we deal with the challenges.   Some of us may take it in stride and deal with them intelligently.  Those unable to cope may stretch the problems beyond what it needs to be. .  Given a situation (real or assumed), such people fail to recognize the issues in perspective, because of their flawed perceptive and comprehensive abilities.  They often come under mental, emotional or physical pressure leading to mental fatigue, exhaustion, and a sense of incapacitation.  This may result in a sense of fear and insecurity.    If left uncared for long, stress may assume serious proportions and could lead to medical intervention.     In a given situation, why do individuals respond varied ways?

The unique character of a being – the preconditioning of the mind, virtues & attributes, likes & dislikes, habits and attitudes – hold the key.  That serves as the defining principle of each mind.  A positively oriented mind can handle the usual trials and tribulations of life logically. A negatively charged person, on the other hand, may unmindfully fall into stress-trap and start playing the victim card.

The Answer lies in – ‘Awareness’.  First, look within – the core strengths and weaknesses.  Identify, acknowledge and address the fault lines and optimize the strengths.  Explore the hard realities of life and accordingly equip oneself through suitable educative inputs.

The process needs to be pursued under the guidance of a learned Guru, who is aware of the construct and chemistry of the mind, as well as the realities of life.

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