Spirituality is a way of life … which serves as a doorway to a meaningful life.  The process is neither moralistic, idealistic nor ritualistic as it doesn’t call for submitting to any predefined dos and don’ts. Instead, it takes you through the “Awareness” route.

An awakened is able to unfold the full potential (mind-power).  Following which, one may dispassionately discriminate and consciously opt for the best choices, opening doors to quality efforts.  One’s effort in isolation, however, would not suffice.  On the way, one engages with the world, which keeps confronting us with unforeseen challenges.  An informed person would, however, know how to intelligently respond or react to such external stimuli. This may seem daunting. All the more because every individual is born unique, each carrying varying aspirational urges and habit-tendencies.  This makes the living world a natural breeding ground for conflicting and competing interests – making it look innately chaotic.

Remember – The ‘Human Mind’ is the key to all our actions, clouded by veils of ignorance.

This is because of our Limited …

  • Creative ability
  • Knowledge
  • Sense of completeness, which breeds the feeling of ‘want’
  • Essence of time – whereby we view happenings in terms of past, present and future
  • Perception of space – making us identify ourselves with our body-mind, differentiated from all others, creating a sense of divide
  • By the laws of causation which binds us to a circuitous web of cause-effect chain

Consequently, we invariably fail to look at the present in the right perspective.  Awareness alone can take us beyond these limitations.

The threefold process

Purify the mind of all its limitations by meditation – securing access to the full landscape of our mind helping us understand even subtle realities of life.

Explore the world-process.  You may then become aware that the world is a well-knit unified organism, where no existence has a reality independent of the entirety, each being inseparable part of the whole.  In its scheme of things, all existences have to play their part, complementing each other’s efforts for sustenance.  A feeling of unification then helps recognise a shared destiny.  This sense of oneness with our environment, transgresses all man made divides – of religion, dialects, geographical, racial or cultural.  It also gives you an insight into our individuality and how we fit into the game plan of the social collective.  A sense of all-encompassing love then overwhelms us allowing to effortlessly relate to the living world. You then become naturally aware, how not to upset societal balance even while pursuing individualistic aspirations – making peace with one’s own self and the surrounding.

Self- reflection and absorption is the finality of the process … as mere academic awareness is not enough.    Only then will it become a part of your consciousness, spontaneously reflecting in daily conduct.  With such an expanded consciousness, life becomes a pleasant experience and the world a beautiful place.

The process needs to be pursued under the guidance of an enlightened Guru to understand and apply the principles.

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