Saturn’s Retrogression

Saturn’s Retrogression

Saturn acquired retrograde motion yesterday and shall remain so till September 18, when it regains its forward motion. Retrogression of a planet offers opportunity to self-reflect upon areas it naturally signifies. Saturn signifies overall Karma.

During Saturn’s retrogression, memory impressions from the past keep flashing in mind again and again. We need to reflect upon them, identify and acknowledge fault lines if any in our approach, and then make necessary corrections. Purge all inconsequential thought-imprints. Remember, human mind is usually guided by experiences had in the past. But bear in mind; time keeps marching ahead; it can’t revert back. And the dynamics of every emerging moment keeps varying widely, with absolutely no scope for having any parallel in the past. So, more often than not, impressions from the past do not prove true to the asking of future. The obvious fall out, in the first place, is that we often fail to look at issues in hand in perspective. Consequently, we may fail to intelligently respond the challenges coming our way. Second, desire trends chasing us from within, often do not offer time and space needed to explore and grab fresh opportunities if any. We may, thus, be left behind in the run of time, ending up disappointed and frustrated.

Saturn’s retrogression also offers opportunity to figure out our indwelling strengths. You may hone it further to come out with your best.

Regular meditation during this period may help us pursue the above tasks in right earnest.

To sum up, nature offers us with an opportunity during Saturn’s retrogression to overcome our fault lines, hone our indwelling potential, and be well geared up take on the callings of life in all strength, with ease and comfort.

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