Human beings are driven by their innate desires, laid down deep in the inner realms of mind in the seed form.

These desires are sourced to two factors. First, the imprints of unfulfilled desires carried over from the previous birth. Second, the tempting influences of the glare and glitters of the seeming world. The two put together involuntarily define the individual specific belief pattern, which unless otherwise corrected, would drive a person all through his/her life. This is summed up in the following verse of Brihadaranyak Upanishad: Sa yatha kamo bhavati, tata kratura bhavati;/ yata kratura bhavati, tata karma kurute;/ yata karma kurute, tadabhi sampatyate. It means: “You are what your deep driving desire is; as your desire is, so is your will; as your will is so are your efforts; and as your efforts are, so is your destiny.

Evidently, the quality of the desires one nurses will define the quality of life that one becomes due for. These desires could be either worthy or unworthy, achievable or beyond reach. It, therefore, becomes imperative to watch our desire trends for a smooth way forward in life. And, we can do that provided we put to use our faculty of discriminate intelligence to guide our choices. Otherwise, the danger is that the nature-driven self-automated law of Karma will not spare us of the perils of mindlessly chasing any unbecoming act. Ordinary mortals often forget this while passionately chasing their dream destination. The worst would happen, if ever one does not have the patience to reason out what he/she does. Such characters mostly have the tendency to jump into action without applying proper forethought. They also get tempted to try quick fix methods, even if it would mean compromising with the means to achieve their ends.

Here is the case of a person who was at the head of a major scam that rocked the nation decades back. What made him get into a self-destructive act? What is interesting to note here is that this man had the potential to make it big even through rightful means. But that would have of course taken little longer, for which he lacked the necessary patience. His astrological chart reveals as to what made him get into murky scheme instead.

The man’s lagna sign heavily loaded with seven planets made him highly ambitious. Benevolent Jupiter conjunct the Sun in lagna qualified him to make it big through rightful means. Exalted Mars granted him the drive and initiative necessary to pursue his ambitions to their logical ends. Mind indicator Moon favourably placed to Uranus and Neptune account for his fertile mind, duly aided by imagination and innovative skills.

The above positives, enough to make it big in life through right means, however, got sidelined by his innate negatives, because he did not care to identify and work upon them in time. Lagna sub-lord Saturn, the prime driver of the man, occupying the nakshatra owned by mind-signifier Moon, deserves attention. Moon was placed favourably to wealth indicator Venus, but was simultaneously locked in adverse formation to expansive Jupiter. This, when read together with Uranus placed opposite Venus, accounts for his unquenched thirst for big money. Neptune being adverse to both Jupiter and Mercury pointed to his scheming mind that is vulnerable to get tempted to get into even murky schemes to achieve his end. The Sun placed opposite Uranus makes him self-willed, fearless, and the one who would feel pleasure in breaking all established norms. Mars locking horns with Saturn and Jupiter speak of his inherent criminal instincts and inflated ego that makes him stuck to his self-beliefs.

Can the swords of law keep such inborn criminal minds in check? And if not, what is the way out? This is the point to ponder by all conscientious mind.

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