You can write your life anew

You can write your life anew

Picking up threads from the previous issue, let us now look at the premise on which destiny is formed. That will make it clear whether we are bound by its indications or that it leaves scope for making amends through conscious efforts. Remember, unlike other species that are fully bound by their predefined nature, and with no scope for making any exception, human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination. But whenever there is a choice, the probability of its use and misuse remains equal. And there is nothing like a free lunch in this world. So, we have to bear with the consequences of right or wrong choices we make in life. We, thus, get trapped into a circuitous web of cause-effect chain that runs in succession, often stretching on the next birth cycle, usually difficult to exit. In this scheme of things, the doings and undoing in the past lead to what we encounter this moment, which in turn, serves as ground on which future takes off. This is the premise on which our Karma cycle stands.

For all the good and well-intended choices, we make, may offer beneficial results. Evil minded choices would obviously make us subject to pains and sufferings.   Bear in mind; all that we do, good or bad, get imprinted in the inner realms of our mind in the form of thought-seeds, respectively carrying positive and negative connotations. As and when situations arising in life offer ground suited to instore memory imprints, they come into play. Evidently, the character and content of the karmic imprints in play would set the terms of experiences we become due for. To sum up, it is our choice option that sets the terms of our future Karma, what in common parlance we call destiny.

It needs to be appreciated here that choice option, if prudently used, does also enjoin upon us with the capacity to make amends through conscious efforts. Bear in mind; we are armed with the exclusive privilege of the faculty of discriminate intelligence. Applying this prerogative, we could evaluate and judge things in the right perspective and pick up the right lead. Not simply that, it could also help us self-reflect upon our mind-trends, and dispassionately identify and acknowledge inherent fault lines. These infirmities won’t let us negotiate the callings of life with ease and comfort. Having known thus, we could make a conscientious choice to make amends with the help of educative inputs. Here comes the role of ‘patra’- personality orientation of a being – out of the three variables referred to in the previous issue. To sum up, should we become aware of our own self, we could write anew our personality trends, which in turn, may reorient the future course of our life. The paradox, however, is that seldom do we remain conscious about the need to strive sufficiently to improve our own lot. And when we fail, instead of owning one’s failures, we try to cover it up by taking refuge in fate.

Let us now have a look at astrological pointers to your child’s habit tendencies. The fiery Sun is ill-disposed off to another fiery planet Mars, makes her impulsive, aggressive, and argumentative. Moon opposite Uranus makes her unconventional, careless, unstable, having a mercurial temperament. Mars placed adverse to mischievous Neptune makes her self-deluding and addictive. Also, it makes her vulnerable to develop inferiority complex. Venus opposite Mars, and also placed adverse to Neptune makes her vulnerable to get into bad company. She may unmindfully misdirect her energies towards unproductive ends. Afflicted Neptune in the 2nd accounts for her indiscrete statements that may offend others. All the more, because she is undiplomatic and tactless as her lagna sign Sagittarius implies.

The positives in her are no less. Intelligence signifying Mercury conjunct wisdom-oriented Jupiter implies that if given the right exposure, she may quickly acquire knowledge with clarity. The Sun aligned so well to Saturn brings in the strength of character. So, once she develops awareness, she could promptly put them to use. All that is needed is to exploit her positives. But you need to seek the services of a good counsellor, who may help bring about the desired change. On your part, engage her with sense of love. In terms of time frame, progressed Sun begins to close up with benevolent Jupiter beginning the 16th year. Given the right efforts, she may show marked improvement in a year’s time thereafter.

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