You can write your destiny

You can write your destiny

“How much control we have on our destiny?” Asked a student during my astrology class. Well, the answer is ‘no and yes’. Should you leave yourself to the usual run of life, you have no control. For, you have yourself scripted your destiny, as it is a carryover effect of your own doing and undoing in the past. If, however, should you turn your attention inwards, reflect upon and identify own desire and mental trends well in time, you can make necessary amends through fresh educative inputs to rewrite your destiny afresh.

Here, it will be desirable to understand how one’s destiny is made.  Remember, human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination, not available with any other  existence. But given our usual tendency, seldom do we care to discriminate before we get going with our inherent desire trends, and with obvious consequences. It needs to be appreciated here that whenever there is  a choice in hand, the probability of its use and misuse becomes equal. That binds us into a cause-effect chain running in succession, and which sets the premise of our destiny, ordinarily difficult to evade its future ramifications.

Here again, it also needs to be appreciated that the choice option available would also enjoin upon us with the privilege to make conscientious choice to make necessary amends, provided we remain conscious enough to live mindfully. For, mind is a very versatile equipment, which can self-reflect upon itself to identify and acknowledge its own inherent trends. Following which, applying our indwelling faculty of discriminate intelligence, we can make necessary corrections and redefine our future course of life. The irony, however, is that ordinarily our ego identifies itself with the inherent mind-trends, as if that would be its identity. It then passionately pursue them as if that would be its end game. In the process, it fails to invoke faculty of discriminate intelligence for due diligence. Consequently, we fail to look at our own mental infirmities in an unbiased manner. Here comes the role of Astrology which could dispassionately provide us with the right lead.

“Agreed sir, we have the potential to reshape our destiny. But how to pick up the right lead from astrological pointers in practical terms?” Asked the student.  A case in point is someone in whose chart, the Sun signifying his identity is opposite Karmakaraka Saturn, both debilitated. It, in the first place, speaks of a preconditioned mind, stuck to self-defined perceptions and beliefs, and not open to look beyond for a reality check. Second, it brings in a sense of fear and insecurity. Third, it is indicative of identity crisis because he would have been continuously belittled in early life. It doesn’t simply make him habitually suspicious of other’s intent, but also tempts him try to forcefully prove his point. If that would not be enough, Mars placed adverse to Jupiter speaks of his inflated ego, which further restricts his scope of vision. He can’t digest any observation or suggestion, contrary to his own beliefs and perceptions. He, rather contests them loudly as Mars is placed adverse to Moon. Further to that, mind-signifying Moon is opposite Jupiter. It, though speaks of a fertile and imaginary mind, but at the same time breeds in a sense of overconfidence which often makes him go overboard. That, read together with his Aries sign, often tempts him jump into action without applying proper forethought, and with obvious consequences. What further compounds his problems is that Moon is placed opposite intelligence signifying Mercury, which further makes him suspicious and overcritical of others. The question now is: How to overcome these infirmities?

Here comes the role of a Guru. He will give you a lesson in the making of the mind and its functional modalities, and let you know how to access full landscape of mind, when you may know no limits. The paradox, however, is that because of our self-created limitations, we are hardly able to use between 5 to 7 percent of our mind-power, the rest lying dormant. He then leads you through meditative process to clear off the clutters of mind, when it becomes receptive. He then gives you lesson in the realities of life and lets you reflect on them in meditative mode so that they get absorbed in the inner realms of mind. Having become aware thus, you will not only be able to transgress the limitations of mind. You may be able to redefine your thought process that may provide right leads in life.

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