We must not take depression lightly

We must not take depression lightly

All actions on our part are primarily guided by cause-effect chain, the implication of which gets stretched on to the next successive life post death. We are thus born with Karmic imprints carried over from the past birth. These imprints are there in the form of thought-seeds parked in our memory bank, which given a congenial ground, come out in open. They set the terms of how our individual minds are primarily oriented – desire trends; whims and fancies; prejudices and obsessions; habits and attitudes. This way, every individual is born unique, each keen to passionately pursue one’s individualistic aspirational urges. That is subject to further add on as our impressionable minds get drawn towards tempting influences of the living world. No wonder, we all begin life with high hopes and ambitions, and in our youth, carrying the mindset as if nothing is unachievable. Accordingly, we set their dream destination. Dreams are necessary for reaching heights one is capable of, since they serve a focus to reach an objective. The paradox, however, is that as we negotiate life in real terms, more often, we are to face challenges posed from within (habit tendencies) and beyond. When things don’t move on expected lines, we become subject to frustrating experiences. Not everybody is able to take it kindly, particularly those having a restive mind, marked with impatience, intolerance, and a swaggering ego. The, weaklings in particular, come under acute pressure, often leading to depression. If not attended promptly, it can take serious turn, even demanding medical intervention.

The irony, however, is that in India, a large majority takes it lightly. They believe that with time, as life progresses, we may come out of that hang, which in large number of cases doesn’t happen. The worst is that they consciously avoid seeking an expert’s help, which, carrying the feeling that if it ever comes out in open, we may become socially outcaste. What we don’t realise that if left unattended, our life itself may get derailed. In this respect, the western world is much better, as they unhesitatingly seek immediate help.

The other day, someone worried about his child’s mind-state in future terms came asking: “My child was hospitalised by hostel authorities, when found in a state of depression. Is there any scope of its recurrence in future?”

“Well, the seeds of negativity and depression are very much in evidence in his chart. Given a trigger, it could erupt again. At this stage, though medication is not required, but a regular counselling is called for. That may help him reorient the thought process in a way that he could take challenges in stride.” I advised him. But he didn’t take it seriously. The worry is that as Saturn catches up with natal Moon early 2021, he once again becomes susceptible to depression. But at the end of the day it is their call.

Let us have a look at his astrological pointers. Born with Aries lagna, he should be impulsive, aggressive, impatient, intolerant, who would wish to live on his own exclusive terms almost in a demanding mode. He may wish to be at the head of things, never keen to play a second fiddle to any. He may jump into action without applying proper forethought, which makes inviting adversities more probable. He won’t ordinarily pay any attention to the advisories and counsel offered by elders either, as the Sun is ill-disposed off to Uranus. That makes him eccentric, defiant, and habitually suspicious of elder’s intent. He may give a damn to common sensical wisdom and would rather prefer to passionately pursue his own line of thinking, without any reality check.

Mind signifying Moon is conjunct Saturn, the planet of its nemesis, which points to a negative mind-set carrying the seeds of fear and insecurity. Such characters usually keep their feelings suppressed within. Added to that is Moon’s conjunction with Rahu, as well as conjunction of Uranus and Neptune. Consequently, when things don’t move on expected lines, he may fall into a negative bind. He may keep unnecessarily mulling over them beyond due, which when gravitate further, could set in depression. All the more, because, intelligence signifying Mercury, the sub-lord of ailment signifying 6th cusp as well as 12th identified with isolation, is opposed to Jupiter, the 3rd cusp sub-lord. That, in the first place, accounts for his insensible reasoning and judgment. And if that would not be enough, the linkage of 6th cusp with the 3rd and 12th, makes him susceptible to problems of mind-genesis.

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