Watch over your karma

Watch over your karma

Having followed last two issues of this column, another regular reader came up with an interesting question: “Sir, you have beautifully explained how our karma sets the term for what we become due for – reward or punishment. But in our life, we do both good and bad karma. Would not the credits earned for all the good done, balance out our bad karma and relieve us from its future implications? You have also suggested that the choice option enjoins upon us with the capacity to filter off the undesirables. To what extent can we modify negative implications of our karmic accruals and what are the remedial measures necessary?”

In divine scheme of things, there is no provision of reward or punishment. Your good karma lets you realise your indwelling potential. That keeps you motivated to for well-intended karma. Your bad karma, in the first place, may stand in way or your potential blooming out in full. Also, it lets you go through similar experiences as would have been met out to others. Purposely so as to put you through such lessons as would make you realise your wrong doings and evolve. It doesn’t work like business economics where profit balances out the loss. The driving spirit of the laws of karma is to put you through lessons of life as would help you evolve. So, both good and bad karma find reflection simultaneously.

In so far as remedial measure is concerned, self-help offers the best answer. Bear in mind; only such process would work as could get into the inner realms of mind for necessary corrections from the root level. Pundits performing belief driven transactional pujas can’t reach out your mind frame to nullify your habit tendencies. Had it been so, no resourceful person would ever suffer in life.

It is pertinent to note here that thought seeds pertaining to the karmic carry over from the past are imprinted in the mind. They find reflection in your thought process. When you self-reflect, you may figure out different patterns in the thought process playing within mind. That may help you identify and acknowledge the fault lines, and then address them. Often, your ego may not let you dispassionately acknowledge indwelling infirmities. Here, astrology may serve as an effective diagnostic tool, which, through a look at the energy-map of heaven at the time of one’s birth, reflects upon your karmic accrual with a fair amount of precision, as energy knows no bias. The redressal process is not that easy either, as habits die hard. Better seek the guidance of a realised Guru, who is adept in overcoming the limitations of mind and psyche. The extent to which one could modify the implications of karmic carryover from the past depends on your will and resolve to change yourself through sustained efforts.

Here is the case of a person who had been doing extremely well in so far as his business was concerned. But at the same time, he and his family members were faced with a criminal case of serious dimension. Look at his astrological pointers. Towards the potential side, Jupiter, the lord of Kendra house occupying its own house, aspects Venus the lord of trine house, which occupies the 10th house identified with career prospects. The 10th lord Mercury occupying the 11th house identified with fulfilment of desires, is posited in the nakshatra owned by Venus. Association of Kendra and Trine houses speaks loud of his promising career. Further to that, mind signifying Moon, beautifully aligned with Mercury makes him an intelligent person armed with good communicative skill, vital to success in life.

Towards the negative, the Sun is locked in adverse formation with mischievous Neptune, which binds him to his fanciful dream perceptions, not realising that it could put him through difficult situations. Added to that is Venus, ill-disposed off to Neptune. That makes him susceptible to get into unconventional partnership, not acceptable by societal norms, thus putting his morality in question. If all that would not be enough, the Sun is in opposition to its planet of nemesis Saturn. That makes him vulnerable to come under the scanner of law enforcement agencies. As he entered his 38th year, the progressed lagna closed up with natal Neptune, which was already placed adverse to Venus. Progressed Sun formed unholy alliance with natal Venus. Progressed Venus as well as Moon, locked horns with Neptune. All these negative indicators simultaneously coming into play, his extra marital relationship created a situation that put him through a very difficult situation.

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