Turn isolation into opportunity

Turn isolation into opportunity

We have been homebound for more than 3 weeks now.  Those working from home would be fully engaged as usual, in fact, relieved of spending hours commuting to their workplaces.  A large majority, however, would be just engaged in attending to usual chores of life.  Not knowing how to spend the spare time would be making them restive.  Why not turn the forced isolation into an opportunity?  How?

Let us invent way and means to use the time constructively.  Those having some creative passion should revive them, otherwise neglected because of occupational engagements.  35 years back, I was without any work for a year.  I spent the whole idle time learning Astrology, which is now giving returns.  Again, post demonetisation in 2016, there was hardly any work for a long stretch of time, which I utilised completing my book, expected to be published sometime next month.

Those having no idea on how to use this period constructively, I will advise them to try getting better empowered by working upon their mind-self, step-by-step.  Remember, mind is the prime mover of a being.  All actions out in open originate in mind.  First arises a desire, which leads to corresponding thoughts, which when gravitate further in mind, translate into action, with related bearing in terms of fruits of actions thereto – pleasant or frustrating.  Mind, thus, ideates and then drives through the functional mandate of a being.  It is again the mind, which responds or reacts to external stimuli, whether intelligently or unmindfully, depends on how individual mind is framed, which varies from person to person.  Remember, we are all born unique, each manifesting varying mind-trends.

It is pertinent to note here that mind is driven by a sense of duality, which makes it a double-edged weapon, carrying negative implications no less than its creative abilities.  If rightfully used, it could add quality and value to life.  It is on this strength that we have evolved thus far out of our primitive stage.  But when inadvertently or unmindfully used negatively, it may not simply prove self-defeating but could unsettle even societal balance and harmony.  Hence the need to orient our mind so that its creative side plays to our advantage.

In terms of the process to be followed, first, one needs to relax the mind.  Remember, more the physical efforts, higher would be the produce.  When it comes to mind, its chemistry works just to the contrary.  More the mind is relaxed, its creative ability multiplies.  Remember, human mind is fragile which continuously keeps flirting with thoughts, many of them inconsequential and even negative.  That makes the mind restive, not allowing much of scope for processing thoughts objectively.  It is something like a wild monkey unmindfully hopping from one branch of the tree to the other.  It is said that human beings attend to nothing less than 60 to 70 thousand thoughts every day.  It is only during 45 to 50 minutes of deep slumber that the mind is at rest.  Even during dream stage, one keeps attending to thought impressions picked up during waking state.  So, the first calling is to bring one’s monkey like mind in check.  But for which, it would be difficult to pursue the steps to follow.

The process is quite simple.  Lie down on your back on a hard surface, say a yoga mat or a carpet.  Close your eyes and turn your attention inwards.  Let loose the mind – let the thoughts flow in and out unhindered.  Train your mind to remain disengaged from the thoughts playing within mind.  Remember, it is only when you pay attention that you get affected.  You won’t get affected if the street dogs would be barking.  Not an easy task.  Never try to forcefully stop those thoughts.  Otherwise, they will continue chasing you from within.  Instead, keep making autosuggestion to the mind by internally saying: ‘Neti – Neti’, which means I don’t care these thoughts.  Over a period of time these thoughts will go out of reckoning, and you may feel relaxed.

The other day, when I was giving this lesson to someone, he asked: “How can such a simple process reign in the ever-active mind?”  “Well, when you get into the process, you may realise that it is not as easy as it looks.  In fact, your mind will be flooded with volumes of thoughts, difficult to bear with, which will make you restive.  It is only after a while that you may relatively feel relaxed, and that too, provided you let loose your mind.” I responded.

The issue continues ………

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