Take charge of your actions

Take charge of your actions

Someone holding a high position in an international organisation is off and on confronted with upsetting situations at works and even on personal score for the last three years. He came asking the other day: “Why is it happening so, particularly during second half of September? It takes almost 2 months to get over the problem. Otherwise, my overall performance level is quite good. Some pundits say that my problems will continue till sadhesati exists, which means for the next 3 years. They suggested me some belief driven practices to appease sanideva, the possibility of which doesn’t exist in a foreign country. Please suggest some remedial measure, if any, which is workable in my present environment to overcome recurring problem.”

Well, your problems can’t be simply attributed to sadhesati. I do not subscribe to the pundit’s view that you may have to necessarily go through similar ordeal for the remaining period of sadhesati, which ends in January 2023. The remedial measure they suggested wont elp you anyway.  Sadhesati began 5 years back, but it didn’t bother you during its beginning phase of 2 and half years. You got affected with the onset of its second phase in January 2017, when transit Saturn closed up with natal Moon. That triggered your inherent mind-traits come out in their true colours with full force. The fact that you carried lot of negative traits, is what account for your problems.

Remember, planets are not doers that could do good or bad in our life in their own right. Planet’s progression just serves as pointers to the way your karmic cycle is expected to play out during a particular period. We, however, are not necessarily bound by them. Should we be aware of the basic fabric of our mind’s making, we could make necessary correction and be well geared up to intelligently take on any negative implication. Also, optimise our inherent strengths to successfully avail of the opportunities expected to unfold. The paradox, however, is that seldom people are found to be conscious about exploring their own fault lines for necessary correction.

Bear in mind; life runs through various phases from birth to death, each one calling for a particular mode of working. Accordingly, we need to reorient our thought process and working modalities from time to time in order to keep pace with the asking of the emerging phases of life. Otherwise, our life will become subject to unwanted twists and turns. The usual human tendency, however, is to stick to past habits and beliefs unless otherwise forced by circumstances. That makes it incumbent upon you to take charge of the self, and willingly change with time. There could be no better remedial measure than this. Those who do, sadhesati doesn’t pose any problem. Otherwise, you may become victim of your own making, as has happened with you.

Here, an insight into astrological pointers to your mind-traits becomes imperative. The Sun, which stands for your identity, is conjunct Saturn, and adverse to Neptune. This, in the first place, speaks of an inherent sense of fear and insecurity, which puts you in a negative mode particularly when confronted with a situation not to your liking. Second, you are stuck to your imaginary perceptions, often distanced from ground realities. Also, you may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance, and rather pursue your line of thinking till pushed to the wall.

Moon occupying your 10th house, on one hand promises occupying prominent position, which you are already enjoying. But that it occupies Sagittarius sign makes you tactless, undiplomatic, and habitually suspicious of others. Moon also locks horns with Saturn and Venus. That, in the first place, further adds to your sense of negativity. Also, it doesn’t let you remain alert enough to foresee challenges coming your way.   Second, it makes you too much emotionally touchy and sensitive, whereby you may overreact even on trivial issues, which may tempt you to unnecessarily get into a combative mode. On top of that is your inflated ego, as would Mars placed adverse to Jupiter mean. This makes you stuck to self-defined dos and don’ts, not open to look beyond for a reality check. It also makes you judgmental of the highest order.

No wonder, as transit Saturn triggered your natal Moon, your inherent infirmities came into full play. That made you vulnerable to become a victim of own making, particularly when transit Sun enters Virgo sign as it becomes opposite natal Saturn. Should you try to resolve your fault lines, sadhesati may not bother you anymore.

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