Sense of freedom is ingrained in human construct, which one is always keen to exercise as a matter of right. But remember: Intrinsic to the right to freedom is the responsibility to bear with consequences there of as well. It, therefore, becomes incumbent upon us to be watchful of our conduct so as to avoid any inconveniences or sufferings thereto.

The irony, however, is that invariably we are all born unique – each one of us reflecting varying habits, attitudes, and desire trends. These innate trends drive our minds, and thereby our conduct. And given our sense of ego, we are not prepared to look beyond our predefined limits, no matter how it affects the sensibilities and concerns of others. What we often forget in the process is that if one enjoys the right to freedom, it remains equally true about others as well. Arousal of conflicting interests thus becomes imperative which, if left unattended, often leads to chaos. This remains at the root of all our familial and societal conflicts.

What compounds the problems even more is that we expect from all others to behave, but seldom do we remain conscious about articulating our own conduct. We rather mindlessly flow to the tunes of our innate trends. The paradox is that we are very well empowered to efficiently deal with all conflicting situations and find a way out. This, however, would be possible, provided we are able to make full use of our faculty of discriminative intelligence. It is on the strength of this exclusive empowerment tool that one is able to look at the issues at hand in perspective, discriminate upon, and accordingly articulate the right initiative, reactions, and response.

Unfortunately, however, our egos stand in its way. For, the sense of “I” inherent in ego makes a person believe that what he/she would be doing is right, and therefore, fails to invoke the discriminative faculty, and with obvious consequences.

A case in point is that of a couple whose marriage is almost on the brink of collapse. For, one of the partners has been conducting in a demanding mode, expecting from the other to behave perfectly, always grudging and grumbling, without caring to correct one’s own habits and attitudes.

Astrological chart of the person concerned points to the innate mind-traits. Lagna cusp sub-lord Mercury, the pointer to the basic fabric of one’s making occupies Saturn-owned fixed sign Aquarius. That points to a fixated one-track mind. Uranus is placed adverse to Mercury and the Sun. It makes the person, eccentric, opinionated, unconventional, self-willed, and tactless. Such characters are vulnerable to lose one’s sense of reasoning in the heat of moment. Mercury occupies the nakshatra owned by Jupiter, which in turn is locked in adverse formation with Mars. That points to an inflated ego, which makes the person stuck to one’s preconditioned mind and not open to look beyond self-defined parameters. The sense of accommodation is always wanting in such people. Such characters often get stuck on trivial issues, which they outstretch to far. In the process, underlying truths often go unnoticed. That also makes the person prone to exaggerate things and brings in rebellious tendencies. Mars in close proximity to its dire enemy Saturn makes the person temperamental, suspicious, mistrustful, over critical, revengeful, and also malicious at times. Mind indicator Moon eclipsed by Rahu points to a restive mind, often stretching an issue beyond its due. Saturn placed adverse to mischievous Neptune makes the person self-deluding, moody, and vulnerable to develop inferiority complex. With such a closed mind, there seems to be hardly any scope for reconciliation. The poor victim in the process is going to be their child, and for no fault of his.

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