Set your priorities right

Set your priorities right

Perception drives a being, which sets the terms of how you set your dream destination, steer through the course of life, react and respond to a situation. That is subject to how one’s mind is inherently framed, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past, and which naturally differs from person-to-person, making every being unique. Each of us, thus reflect varying mind-traits and thereby thought process. It is often found that a talented person becomes subject to failures and frustrations of one’s own making. Remember, talent alone would not suffice. You need to have an organised mind to make the most of your indwelling potential.

The other day I had an interesting dialogue with a very talented person, who came seeking guidance: “Sir, though I was not keen, but on my parents insistence, I twice attempted Indian Administrative Services examination, but narrowly missed. I am quite good at studies and yet, could not get through. Why? What lies in store of my destiny? What discipline should I prefer?”  Well, the basic reason for failure is your disoriented thought process that makes you misdirect your energies towards unproductive ends so much that you fail to put in your qualitative best towards priority preferences. In so far as your indwelling potential is concerned, you may do well either in philosophy or law. “If I have to take up law, why not try to become a law maker? I am keen to do good for the society. So, what better than joining politics?” He countered.

Remember, the world doesn’t move to your asking. Better, look for the indwelling potential, and follow it. There is a lot of difference in becoming a lawyer or a law maker. Let us now have look at your astrological pointers to the disciplines suited to you. The 4th cusp sub-lord identified with study option is Saturn posited in a Jupiter owned sign Pisces and conjunct Ketu. That, in the first place, points to the possibility of trying to unearth subtle realities of life, which remains the prerogative of philosophy. Second, Jupiter and Saturn combination fits in well with law faculty. Even the 10th sub-lord identified with career prospects is again Saturn, implying similar indications as offered by 4th house markers. Both the Sun and Mercury, are trine to Uranus and Neptune. It speaks of your extraordinary talent and organising ability, having a fertile imagination backed by intuition, both vital to success in either Law of Philosophy.

Now coming to your desire to become law maker, you need to understand your fault lines that may stand in way of success in this field. In this respect, first look at your lagna marked with your identity, which happens to be Sagittarius. Incidentally the 12th cusp identified with failure and frustration too falls in Sagittarius sign itself. The lagna lord Jupiter too is tenanted in 12th house. That makes you vulnerable to become a victim of your own making, because you seem to be tactless and undiplomatic. That makes it difficult for you to be in accord with a variegated mass of people, each having varying mind-traits.

Now, look at the mind-signifying Moon posited in Virgo sign. It is placed adverse to Uranus and Neptune. That makes you subject to self-delusionary perceptions  and beliefs, often distanced from ground realities. And not open to look beyond for either a reality check or explore other options suited to your indwelling potential. You may not acknowledge truth in its first appearance, and would rather passionately continue to pursue your own dream perception on hope against hope, till pushed to the wall. This, read together with Saturn conjunct Ketu, makes you a habitual escapist, who may not take challenges in time. It also brings in self-defined perfectionist streak, not able to digest contrarian view, if any. You wish from others to remain true to your line of thinking, failing which you become overcritical, when you will not hesitate belittling others through your sarcastic remarks. Intelligence signifying Mercury opposite Saturn brings in a fixated one track mind. If that would not be enough, Mars opposite Uranus makes you temperamental. Mars is also opposite mischievous Neptune, which makes you vulnerable to suffer from inferiority complex in the event of disappointment, at times warranting even medical intervention. Sun placed adverse to Venus makes you too much touchy and sensitive, which makes you get overexercised even on trivial matters, which you stretch beyond due. What comes out is that you are not accommodating enough that may qualify you to successfully pursue politics.

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