Self-correction checkmates Saturn’s wrath

Self-correction checkmates Saturn’s wrath

Whenever reality confronts myth, usually the latter is found to have the first laugh. The reason plain and simple is that only a handful of people are conversant with existential realities, who may not be overtaken by belief. The rest, caught up in their usual mills of life, are not keen to take pains for exploring the truths of life. Their impressionable minds get carried away by prevailing beliefs, and all the more if it is given a religious twist. Even if you try to educate them, out of fear, they will not like to give up something that has been part of the societal belief for long. Remember, first a myth is created, and then perpetuated for long amongst ignorant people, who form the majority. Over a period of time, the myth becomes a perceived reality, which then becomes a part of societal belief. It then becomes difficult to bring them out of that bind.

So, despite my sincere effort in demystifying the myth surrounding Shanideva through two previous issues, I am sure, a large majority of the believers won’t be moved much. Some of them may though appreciate my experiential insights, but out of fear their dualistic mind will prompt them to continue with ritualistic practices associated with the belief, as that has become a part of habit. Perhaps it is driven by their perception that they won’t lose anything even if they continue their transactional prayers. To bring home my point further, let me take up a few case studies. Only a continued hammering can make one realise the truth. The study reveals that the way you respond to the callings of sadhesati/dhaiya, defines how this transit would reflect in real terms.

Someone in his teens undergoing sadhesati, was not paying attention to his studies despite all pressure. He used to be reprimanded every other day by his guardians. Having realised that this boy will not listen, the guardians in a state of desperation said that we lay off our hands, now do whatever you like, which they strictly observed. Left to himself, the fellow then resolved to prove himself. Oblivious of his sadhesati, he tried to make amends. He self-reflected to realise that since he did not absorb the lessons learnt in the lower classes, he was not able to get to the head and tail of what was being taught on date. Ashamed to admit his infirmity, he stealthily covered up the backlog and first came at par with his contemporaries. He then put in his best and eventually came out with flying colours. Look at his astrological pointers.

Born with Aries lagna meant that he won’t listen to commands, instead he may get into a defiant mode. But when left unto himself, given his high intelligence level, he could do wonders as would wisdom-oriented Jupiter conjunct mind signifying Moon, both beneficially aligned to intelligence signifying Mercury may mean. He may not be consistent in his approach and would go through intermittent bouts of complacence and sincere efforts. Once he was on his own, he took corrective initiatives, and so performed very well even during sadhesati.

In another case, a young man fearing the wrath of Saturn’s Dhaiya approaching soon, came asking: “Sir, suggest me some puja that may help me sail through this bad transit.” Well, no puja is going to make any difference. Give up fear. The real remedial measure would be to identify, acknowledge and address your fault lines. With all the complexities of mind done away with, you will be able to see things in the right perspective and then intelligently take on the callings of emerging times, which will let you successfully sail through with ease and comfort. Though out of fear, but he began working upon himself as advised. But his hardened attitude would not go away so easily. So, he had to go through tough times during his dhaiya. Let us look at is astrological markers.

He is born with Aries lagna. Its lord Mars occupies another fiery sign Sagittarius, the 9th house, and placed adverse to Jupiter. It implies that he is highly ambitious, but aggressive, impulsive, domineering, intolerant, impatient, and having an inflated ego. He may jump into action without applying proper forethought, and with obvious consequences. The Sun opposite Saturn speaks of his hardened attitude, a negative mindset, who may be suffering from identity crisis because of his own self-undoing acts.

He is once again under the spell of dhaiya for the last 2 years. But meanwhile, he has considerably evolved. So, this time he had relatively an easy go.

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