Overcome your habit tendencies

Overcome your habit tendencies

A couple of years back a young man came asking just one question: “Can my dream of making it big in life come true? If so, will you kindly suggest some puja needed to ensure success. On my part, I keep running through the biography of all bigwigs in the world so as to draw necessary lessons.”

If copying the mannerism of others could provide necessary lead, then nobody would need to toil for attaining success. Remember, every being is born unique, each carrying varying potential in terms of the probable field of work, virtues, attributes, and fault lines. And there is no scope for drawing any parallel with others. Also, the environmental conditions available to them – opportunities at hand and the level of challenges faced – doesn’t remain same anymore.

“Do I have the potential to reach my dream destination?” Asked the young man. Well, the potential is very much there. The problem, however, is that you live in an illusionary dream world of your whims and fancies, not open to look beyond for a reality check. Also, you carry lot of infirmities that may play spoil sport with your objective. “Don’t you think it is natural to carry dreams to achieve something in life?” He countered. Agreed, dreams are necessary for reaching heights one is capable of, since they serve a focus to reach an objective. But it is also desirable to figure out whether your dream is achievable. Also, you need to check if you are well geared up to pursue your dream objective to its logical end. Bear in mind; nothing moves just to your asking. “I am ready for the task and shall put in my best in a focused way.” He asserted.

Let me first make you aware of your indwelling potential before dealing with your inherent infirmities. Uranus is firmly placed in the lagna, which is potent enough to make it big in life, if duly supported by other beneficial planets. Benevolent Jupiter, incidentally the 2nd lord identified with gains in life is beautifully aligned to Uranus. Mind signifying Moon, which incidentally happens to be the 11th lord identified with fulfilment of desires, also enjoying benefic aspect of Jupiter, is there in a supportive mode. All put together speaks high of your potential side. That, however, may not bear fruits unless you work upon your habit tendencies that doesn’t spare anybody so easily.

Towards the negative, the Sun, incidentally the 10th lord identified with career is opposite mischievous Neptune. It makes you stuck to your delusional perceptions, distanced from ground realities. This read together with Saturn conjunct Ketu implies that you are habitually an escapist who may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance. You may rather continue pursuing your dream perceptions on hope against hope till pushed to the wall. If that would not be enough, the Sun placed adverse to Jupiter speaks of your swaggering ego, which makes you stuck to your self-defined dos and don’ts, and not open to listening or counsel of elders. Added to that is Jupiter ill-placed to Neptune, which is indicative of carrying peculiar beliefs. That makes it all the more difficult to digest any contrarian viewpoint. The Sun placed adverse to Saturn brings in a sense of insecurity, which is also symptomatic of an identity crisis, which tempts you to go overboard to prove your point. Habitually, you may be suspicious of elder’s intent, and therefore, would detest their advisory. That makes it difficult for you to be in accord with them. Many a times, particularly when faced with adverse situation, you may become self-pitying.

Moon in a Mercury owned sign also placed adverse to Mars and the Sun, makes you temperamental, moody, irritable, rash and argumentative. For you, ‘my way or highway’ appears to be your attitude. You expect from others to prove true to your expectations. If ever they fall short, you may become overcritical of them, and pass sarcastic remarks, often offending them. Also, you seem to be emotionally too much touchy and sensitive whereby you may get over exercised even on trivial issues and stretch them beyond due. You need to get over these limitations, if you really wish to make it to your dream destination.

“Any puja you may like to suggest that may help me transcend these limitations.” Asked the young man. The problems you carry are of mind genesis. No pundit can invade your mind space to make necessary correction. But you can, if you consciously try to address them.

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