Organised mind ensures success

Organised mind ensures success

A young man not been able to get through qualifying examination for admission into a business school, grudgingly came asking me: “Why did you raise my hope when I was not destined to make it?”

“My friend, when I talked about your potential, I also suggested a lesson in how to organise your mind. It would have helped improve your focus, which you lacked badly. Also, aided you in bringing down your mental aberration that often disoriented your mind. Did you follow it in right earnest?” I countered. “Your process could have cost me at least half an hour every day. My focus was on covering the subject matter as much as I could. I put in on an average 8 to 9 hours a day. Yet, if I could not score, would it not mean that I was not destined for it?” He responded.

Remember, destiny plays a definite role in one’s life, but it doesn’t necessarily define in finite terms how it may exactly play out, as it can’t involuntarily bear fruits. Bear in mind; Destiny indicators are there as an indwelling potential, just like a small seed carries within, the essence of a fully-grown tree. Keep the seed on your table, it will remain there in a still form. If, however, you sow it in earth mass in a season favourable to its fruition, and nurse it, the seed will first sprout and then grow into a full-fledged tree.

As per the established norms of Astrology, three factors need to be accounted for while looking at destiny pointers – Kala, Patra, and Samaya. Kala is overall environmental condition, which is available in equal proportion to all those competing with you. Samaya offers the timeline when your individualistic destiny pointers could bear fruits. Patra is about your individual worthiness and vulnerabilities – virtues & attributes; habits & attitudes – which matter the most in realising your potential. That defines how qualitative or otherwise would be your efforts. Invariably, unlike the negatives that play out involuntarily from the front, the positives need to be identified, acknowledged, honed and then backed by quality effort. Just physical effort would not suffice, which you did put in.

Here, a brief run into the chemistry of mind becomes imperative. More the physical labour you put in tilling the land, larger area you may cover. On the contrary, a relaxed mind becomes more productive. That may, in the first place, offer ground to remain focused. You may then be able to have a clear understanding of the subject matter. Second, it provides space necessary to absorb educative inputs. Third, it ensures proper coordination between conscious and sub-conscious levels of mind. Remember, all that you learn, their impressions get parked at the sub-conscious level. If conscious and sub-conscious coordinate well, you may be able to recall all the memory inputs in store of the latter in quick flashes, enabling you to correctly answer questions in hand.

In the above context, let me put forth the mirror image of your potentials and vulnerabilities in astrological frame. The Sun conjunct Mercury speaks of your high intelligence and very good memory power. Higher education (beyond graduation) is identified with the 9th house. 9th sign and cusp sub-lord Saturn occupies the 8th house, in the nakshatra owned by Mars, the 4th sub-lord posited in the 10th house meaning professional education. Linkage of the 4th and 9th house promises higher education. Incidentally Mars happens to be the lord of the 6th house identified with success in competition and 11th house signifying fulfilment of desires. So, in astrological terms, you carry the potential of pursuing professional course. More so, because Karmic Saturn has harmonious relation with Mars identified with efforts. But then Saturn being in the 8th house, your efforts may begin on a low note, but as you gain momentum, you may finally succeed in your endeavour.

Now, towards negatives, the first marker is the Gemini lagna with Moon therein, conjunct Ketu and opposite mischievous Neptune as well as erratic Uranus. That speaks of a fertile but vacillating mind, continuously breeding imaginary thoughts, more often distanced from ground realities, and also an erratic behavious. Mars crossing path with Uranus makes you temperamental. Venus conjunct the Sun makes you emotionally touchy whereby you get over exercised even on trivial matters. The energies lost thus, and with your cluttered mind space, you are not left with enough to put in your best towards desired destination. And the result is there to see. Organise your mind, and I am sure you will make it.

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