No shortcuts to fixing problems

No shortcuts to fixing problems

A couple of months back someone called me to check on longevity prospects of one of his friends he had brought seeking astrological advice. “Why?” I questioned. “His kidney is malfunctioning and has to undergo dialysis twice a week.” He answered.

I immediately recalled that the man in question had come to me a couple of years back with two straight questions: “Sir, I am a lawyer by profession. Many astrologers said that I am a genius. Yet, every now and then, my career goes for a toss. I have heard a lot about you. Kindly get some puja done that saves me from such ordeal anymore and ensure success. 2. Some astrologers have warned me that close to 45 years by age, I may have to face serious health issues. Please do also conduct puja that helps me build my immunity level so much that doesn’t let my health fall ever. Don’t worry about the cost.”

Well, I agree that you are extraordinarily intelligent having a very good communicative skill, enough to make a good lawyer. But that alone would not suffice. You need to look within, figure out inherent habits and attitudes that stand in way of your positives from blooming out in full. Acknowledge and address them without further loss of time. I am afraid, no puja mediated by a pundit can invade your inner space of mind to let you rise above your limitations. Remember, there is no quick fix solution to problems of mind genesis, as habits die hard. But you can help yourself by exercising freewill option, which enjoins upon you with the capacity to guide your actions by choice and discrimination. Instead of expecting external intervention, better take charge of yourself, and put in conscious efforts to make necessary amends. In terms of your health, better consult a doctor and have regular health check-up. Regulate your food. Do necessary physical exercise. Here again, it is difficult to digest that by trying to appease some hypothetical God existent in the higher realms of cosmos could help change your physiological conditions.

I could make out that with his hardened attitude and delusionary mind, he won’t easily digest my advisory. Later, I was given to understand that he went after so called sorcerers and got tantric pujas conducted. Also, engaged pundits and got many pujas done. But to what effect? Let us now look at his astrological pointers.

Towards the positive, wisdom-oriented Jupiter conjunct intellectually ordained Uranus, extends beneficial aspect to intelligence signifying Mercury. This planetary alignment is indicative of his extraordinary talent. He may have clarity in vision and thought over such subjects he pays attention, which he could present with exactitude because of his excellent communicative ability.

All this gets compromised because of many negative inherent traits. The first marker is his lagna sign Aries. That points to his aggressive, impulsive, irritable, hot headed, abrasive, intolerant, and impatient nature. He wishes to live in a demanding mode, often to his whims and fancies. He may jump into action without applying proper forethought, and with obvious consequences. Lagna lord Mars in the 8th house identified with difficulties, read together with lagna sub-lord Venus occupying the 12th house, makes him vulnerable to get into self-undoing acts. So, he remains susceptible to become a victim of his own making. Lagna lord Mars, identity-signifying the Sun, and mind-signifying Moon, all placed in fixed signs accounts for his hardened attitude. Lagna lord Mars conjunct Neptune and also square to both the Sun and Moon makes him temperamental.

Both the luminaries the Sun and Moon locked in adverse formation to mischievous Neptune make him stuck his self-delusional beliefs and perceptions, and not open to listening or counsel. The Sun placed adverse to Venus makes him emotionally too much sensitive and touchy. He may get over exercised even on trivial issues, over which he may keep unnecessarily mulling for long. In the process, his priority preference often gets compromised. Venus ill-placed to Neptune tempts him to get rich quick even if it means getting into murky deals, which may often tell upon his reputation.

In terms of health, the 6th sub-lord Saturn in the 12th occupying the nakshatra owned by Mercury the 6th lord makes him vulnerable to long drawn serious health issues, calling for medical intervention. The Sun distanced from Venus by 45 degrees made him vulnerable to kidney related issues around that age, and so it happened with him. But because of his delusionary perception, he failed to take pre-emptive measures. The result is there to see.

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