Going by the hypothesis of Indian philosophy, a singular force – the force of consciousness – remains the driving spirit of the manifest phenomenal world. Not acknowledging the existence of such a force, although undetectable in scientific terms, it will be difficult to explain the world process.

Because there has to be a force in existence, which when unavailable to the body-mechanism, the gross body meets its end. So long as this very force remains operative within the system, all our dynamic functions, including our power of knowing are on.

The force of consciousness is believed to be all pervading – occupying every point of the space – thus maintaining continuum all through the universe. It implies that every point of the space is in intimate and immediate connection with the rest. Modern science, too, veers round this concept; its premise, however, being different from our philosophic hypothesis. It is this very continuum in existence which holds the key to unity underlying all diverse functionaries in the universe and thereby their integrated working. It also implies that the reverberations of energy excited at any point of space shall be carried over all across with the potential of comeback with add on. It is on this very premise that the Law of Karma as propounded by Indian Philosophy rests: “What you give to others comes back to you in equal terms.” For, every action on one’s part involves playing with energy, be it exciting a thought or getting into any physical act, all powered by the force of consciousness.

If the implication of the Law of Karma remains live in one’s mind, one would refrain from getting into an unbecoming act. The truth, however, remains that seldom does any ordinary mortal, caught up in the glare and glitter of seeming world, keeps this in mind. They get tempted to seek immediate gratification of their desires, whatever way it comes, no matter even if it hurts the real deserving ones. But remember, the Law of Karma being a self-automated process of nature, will never spare you. Sooner or later, you will get caught up in its bind and with obvious consequences, no matter how smartly you conduct yourself. And it does not call for any third party vigilance either. For, an ill-framed mind has to invariably leave a trail of his/her ill-conceived act, which has to come to light sooner or later. So, in effect, you become a victim of your own making.

A case in point is that of someone who came asking whether he would be able to find reprieve from the sword of court of law hanging over his head. He had secured a dignified position playing all foul tricks in his hands. And now, not only he has lost his credibility, but has to drain out his ill-gotten money to secure his position. Had he been conscious of the implications of the Law of Karma beforehand, he would have been spared of its perils. A look into his astrological chart would throw light on the man’s mental propensities that drove him crazy.

The lagna, 5th, and 9th signs loaded with major planets, read together with powerful Jupiter in the 10th house makes him highly ambitious. The adverse placement of Venus, placed adverse to mischievous Neptune and the Sun, tempts him to adopt even perverse ways to accumulate riches. Jupiter placed opposite Neptune makes him compromise the value system. On top of that is his inflated ego, coming as it may with materially driven fiery Mars, placed adverse to expansive Jupiter. That closes his mind from visualising the fallout of mindlessly pursuing his whims and fancies. And the result is there for all to see. As soon as progressed Lagna closed up with headless Ketu, and progressed Meridian became square to Rahu and Ketu, the two Karmic planets, the Law of Karma has struck upon him badly.


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