Maintain a realistic perception

Maintain a realistic perception

Someone in his mid-sixties, came seeking answer to his pointed questions: “Sir, as on date, professionally, I am doing well but yet, I don’t feel settled. Right from my college days, I had a trying time, as it has been subject to unseemly twists and turns every now and then. Why? Would I ever have a smooth go in life? Lot of astrologers predicted a hassle-free life from a particular age or the other. Those never came true. When questioned about their failed predictions, they found escape in inaccuracy of my time of birth. In the process, they tried to correct my birth time afresh again and again. How long will such trial and error method go on? Of late, I have begun losing faith in astrology. Having heard about you, I have come with lot of hope to show me the way forward to future.”

Responding to his queries, I made it clear that it is unfair on the part of the astrologers to justify their failure in inaccuracy of the birth time. In astrology, there are proven methods for correction of birth time. The said astrologers should have done it before reading your chart. Second, they seem to have ignored the fundamentals of astrology. Remember, it is a well stated guideline of Indian astrology to factor in three dimensions of life – Kala, Patra, and Samaya – while analysing a chart. Kala refers to the overall environmental condition, which is ever changing and remains beyond anybody’s control. Patra relates to personality frame up of a being. That defines how intelligently one would take on challenges posed by environmental factors, and how efficiently one may pursue the tasks in hand. Samaya speaks of the probable timeline pertaining to fruition of destiny indications, which is dependent on the other two factors. The said astrologers did not pay attention to your personality traits, is how they could not guide you properly.

That makes it incumbent upon you to first know your own self – indwelling potential with all inherent virtues and attributes; as well as vulnerabilities, which covers all the habit tendencies and attitudes, prejudices and passions, likes and dislikes. From the nature of your questions itself, it becomes evident that you carry a strong sense of insecurity, which in turn, has brought in identity crisis. Why? For the answer, let us look at the astrological pointers to your personality-traits.

You were born when Cancer was rising, which is a movable and watery sign, known for its fluidity. This by itself speaks of being too much emotionally sensitive and vulnerable to mood swings as would lord of the sign Moon change its colour every day. Now, with its crab like character as the sign symbol stands, you also remain vulnerable to get too much attached to your perceptions, feelings, ideas and all that you like, which may often put you in peril. It is just like a crab, which may prefer to lose its claw than to forego its hold. Moon occupies Virgo sign, which apart from bringing in a vacillating tendency, makes you judgmental and a perfectionist by nature, of course by your self-defined measure. If things do not happen your way, you may become overcritical of others, where after may not hesitate in denigrating them with your acerbic remarks. Evidently, therefore, people often get put off with you, and with obvious consequences.

The Sun marked with one’s identity, is placed adverse to Jupiter and Neptune, which in the first place, speaks of your swaggering ego, distanced from ground reality. That binds you to self-defined dos and don’ts, and not open to look beyond for a reality check. That makes it difficult for you to digest contrarian views. Second, you are vulnerable to remain stuck to your delusionary dream perceptions. Third, habitually you are an escapist, who may seek a change if things don’t work your way. This tendency gets further amplified because of Saturn’s aspect on Ketu. Intelligence signifying Mercury placed adverse to both Jupiter and Neptune, account for your insensible reasoning and judgment. Jupiter placed adverse to Neptune makes you susceptible to carry peculiar beliefs, which often puts you in a wrong spot before others.

To sum up, you wish to live on your own exclusive terms, and that too in such a complex world, where every individual is born unique, all manifesting varying traits. So, life won’t move to anybody’s asking. Better address your inherent tendencies, sharpen your intelligence and come to terms with the realities, to smartly negotiate the callings of life.

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