Living in a giving mode

Living in a giving mode

One day, sense of reasons dawned upon a feuding couple, when they came together seeking guidance on how to improve their relationship. Their common urge was: “Suggest some puja or such remedial measure as would help improve our relationship.”

Well, caught up on the plane where the problem exists – both of you stuck to own perceptions – you can’t find a way out. Unless you change your perception, things won’t improve. No belief driven puja can invade your mind space to make necessary correction. You need to first explore the premise on which the institution of marriage stands. You may then be able to understand where you are going wrong. Following which, you may become keen to redo your perceptions.

Both of them then countered in chorus: “Sir our expectations from each other are not being met, which remains the bone of contention. Is it not natural to carry expectations?” Well, there is nothing wrong in having expectations. But before that you need to appreciate that every being is born unique. Each would thus, reflect varying desire and mind-trends, coming as they may as Karmic carryover from the past. So, differences of opinion is natural.  Coming to marital relationship, it is not simply meeting of two unique characters, but sporting different psyche as well. And it needs no elaboration that convergence of two corresponding opposites prove productive and fulfilling. When there is discord, it becomes painful. The choice is yours. Now, how to go about? It simply calls for a lesson in the art of living, which may help you be in accord, overriding individual limitations. Here, exposure to some fundamental truths of life becomes imperative.

All existences in the cosmos – planets, stars and other astral bodies – have been serving the larger existence in a giving mode, not expecting anything in return thereof. Such a humungous crowd of cosmic bodies are in perfect harmony and balance, because they are bound by the design underlying them, with no scope  for making any exception. Look at the beauty of cosmic design. All planets in the immediate galaxy, while going round the Sun, traverse their exclusive path, each respectively moving at their own speed. Each, thus, enjoys its own independent space, simultaneously maintaining relativity amongst them. It is, as if a family discharging their individual and collective obligations in service of the larger existence. Even on earth plane, trees, plants, animals, birds and micro-organism are bound by their predefined nature, and therefore, continue serving the larger existence in a giving mode. They are not bothered who benefits, nor do they have any expectation from us. If we attend to them, it is to serve our own interest. Trivial looking termites for example, feed themselves by creating hole deep inside the soil structure. That facilitate entry of oxygen to augments earth-mass’s dynamic potential. They have to, however,  meet their end before the crop comes up, but not before servicing the cause of larger existence.

Unlike other existences, human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination. This, coupled with the sense of ego, make them live in a demanding mode. What we forget that being an inseparable part of a unified organism, necessarily framed into an interdependent setup, we all have a shared destiny. No individual is capable of meeting even one’s bare existential needs all by oneself. That makes complementing and supplementing each other’s efforts imperative, to carry on the cycle of life.

The problem with you two is that both of you, bound by individualistic whims and fancies, you are living in a demanding mode, trying to impose one’s will on the other, which creates conflict. Look at your astrological pointers. Whereas one is born in Sagittarius lagna, with Moon there itself and placed adverse to Uranus, which implies being tactless, undiplomatic, and erratic. Mars placed adverse to Jupiter is indicative of inflated ego. Moon again ill-disposed to Neptune, implies being stuck to one’s own delusional perceptions not open to look beyond for a reality check. In the other case, the lagna and Moon both, occupy fixed sign, which indicates fixated one track mind. Sun placed adverse to Jupiter speaks of swaggering ego. Moon placed adverse to Neptune is indicative of being stuck to one’s own delusional perception. The result is there to see.

Once, you start living in a giving mode, you will care for each other’s concerns and sensibilities. In the process, you will be particular about servicing each other’s expectations. Your life may then turn into a beautiful experience.

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