Life is nothing but paradoxical

Life is nothing but paradoxical

Life in its usual run is subject to twists and turns – sometimes pleasant and at other times full of pains. It is ever on its run, continuously undergoing change, as the conditions within and beyond keep varying. There is no scope for having a perfect situation in life. There comes a time when the gross body loses its dynamism and turns into a dead matter. It is true about every finite existence. The duration of stay may though vary from person to person. There is no standard of measure worth the name to account for one’s life span in finite terms. We all are aware of this existential truth. Yet, it is difficult to bear with when a near and dear one departs from the world. It is still more shocking if it comes about at a young age. Life, therefore, is paradoxical. The other day, a grieving father sent a heart touching message: “Big brother, my dear son left us today. Feeling totally lifeless. Prayer and everything failed to keep him alive.”

The message left me shivering for few moments. If this news could knock me so badly, one can imagine the plight of a grieving father having lost his only son at the young age of 23. I knew, no pep talk could assuage the feelings of someone faced with such a devastating happening. So, I thought of trying to refresh him with existential truth. Even that may not so easily calm down his emotional volatility. It may, however, offer him grounds that may help get out of this hang sooner than later.

Remember my friend, going by ancient India’s philosophic perception, the run of life doesn’t end with gross body becoming a dead matter. In fact, death is an opportunity to shed the incapacitated body and reincarnate with a fresh encasement in all strength. Your son had to bear with excruciating pain during the last one year of his chronic ailment. You need to appreciate that with his death, having discharged his Karmic debt of being faced with such a harrowing ordeal, he has moved beyond, and so stands relieved.

Bear in mind; A jeevatma (a live being) with form and name is structured in three layers – gross, subtle, and causal bodies, the three driven by Soul (the element of consciousness). On death, it is just the gross body, which is nothing but agglomeration of matter, disintegrates. Its five constituents – space, air, fire, water, and earthly matter – merge with their primal source. The subtle and causal bodies that are pure energy platforms, do not wither away, as would the laws of conservation of energy mean. The Soul carries along the causal and subtle bodies, having in store all the memory imprints picked up during live existence, to reincarnate with a fresh gross body encasement. So, life needs to be seen in succession. Should you grieve, the jeevatma’s attention is drawn, which may disturb its onward journey. Better pray for his smooth transition.

“I appreciate your point and shall try to follow your advisory. But don’t you think that this unforeseen happening puts a question mark on the very relevance of Astrology? For, with whatever knowledge of Astrology I have, Jupiter being 6th lord was just indicative of health issues but not death as it doesn’t happen to be a maraka. I am just curious to know, not questioning you, could you see in his chart the possibility of departure from the world so early?” The man asked.

Well, going by the traditional norms of astrology, his death didn’t seem likely. But the death inflicting 8th cusp’s sub-lord Saturn (as per Krishnamurty system) did indicate the possibility of death during Jupiter’s period. For, Jupiter occupying the nakshatra owned by Saturn, would act as latter’s agent, potent enough to make it happen. Even the progressed Sun having become square (adverse 90 degrees placement) to natal Moon, carries the probability of the losing life. Even transit Saturn conjunct unpredictable Neptune, and also square to its dire enemy Mars did not augur well for his survival either.

Here again, Jupiter simultaneously signified recovery from ailment in strong terms. For, Jupiter’s nakshatra lord Saturn happens to be the 5th lord, which being 12th from the 6th, will serve as latter’s antidote. With such contrasting indicators in place, what would one be tempted to lay importance to – raise the hope of survival so that one tries to combat the situation in all strength, or indicate death and make the person lose the battle much before it happens?

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