Let things happen when naturally due

Let things happen when naturally due

Last year, a lady worried about her younger sister’s marriage, came asking: “Some pundits say that my sister’s marriage is cursed as both Jupiter and Rahu occupy angular houses. For redressal, they are suggesting some belief driven puja, that may cost heavy. Please tell me if she is really cursed, and if so, what is the way forward?”
At the outset, let me assure you that your sister’s marriage is promised but is unduly delayed. There is nothing like marriage being cursed calling for remedial exercise thereto. Ordinarily, with Jupiter in the 7th house identified with marriage, indicates early marriage. At the same time, what also needs to be counted is that 7th lord Saturn occupies the 4th house, which implies that she becomes due for marriage after completing 30. Following which, she may get married when astrological parameters – Dasha and transit of planets – become favourable.
“But she has completed 33 by now. Yet she is not married despite our best efforts. We are losing patience. All her friends are married and have become mothers by now. Why she alone has been left out? Would it not mean that her marriage is cursed?” The lady submitted.
Not at all. In nature’s plan there is nothing like being rewarded or cursed. All that happens in life is reflection of Karmic carryover. And, if there is delay in marriage, it is there with a purpose. Bear in mind; just getting married is not enough. It should be stable and harmonious. Many a times, nature wishes you to allow enough of time and space so that going through the lessons of life, you become matured enough to negotiate the subtleties of marriage with ease. As a sister, you may be aware of her outer demeanour, but not her inner frame of mind. So, such tendencies as would not be visible, which could prove detrimental to marital happiness may not be known. She needs to address them before getting married, and which comes with time. Hence the delay. A look at her astrological pointers will make things clear.
But before I detail your sister’s attitudinal issues, let me first try to figure out the probable timeline for her marriage. She was running Jupiter-Mercury period when she completed 30. The two being opposite each other, could not facilitate marriage. Jupiter-Ketu period too that followed was not congenial for marriage, as the two are placed adverse to each other. Towards 2017 end, began Jupiter-Venus period, which being beneficially aligned to each other promises marriage. More so, because both of them occupy the nakshatra owned by Moon posited in the 11th house identified with fulfilment of desires. At that point of time, Jupiter transited the 4th house, where it joined natal Saturn and Ketu. Jupiter locking horns with these two planets in the natal chart did not favour success. Doors open for her marriage in October 2018 when transit Jupiter moves to Scorpio sign, where from it extends its benevolent aspect on both Venus and Moon. Within a year there after she may get a suitable match.
Let us now come to her personality traits, particularly the negatives that could unsettle marital happiness. The Sun and Venus are ill-disposed off to each other making her emotionally volatile and also subject to unpredictable mood swings. She may get over exercised even on trivial issues, which she may overstretch beyond due. Moon opposite Uranus makes her impatient and gives her a mercurial temperament; and placed adverse to Pluto makes her vulnerable to violent temper. Intelligence signifying Mercury placed adverse to Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, in the first place, accounts for lack of clarity in vision and thought. Second, fixated one track mind, and critical of others. Third, impaired reasoning and judgment. Jupiter ill-disposed off to Neptune brings in peculiar beliefs. It may also mean indiscrete financial handling. Venus opposite Uranus may cause lot of conflict in terms of approach to life.
The positives in her are no less, but they need to be consciously invoked and applied. In personal life, however, the partners take each other for granted, and in the usual flow, don’t allow time and space for applying proper forethought before reacting or responding. So, she needed enough time to resolve her habit tendencies and hence the delay. If by any chance she would have got married early, it would have failed. The lady went away carrying hopes. As luck would have it, only yesterday, I was informed that her marriage is now settled, and will be solemnised in coming July.

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