Keep up with time to evade Saturn’s wrath

Keep up with time to evade Saturn’s wrath

Picking up threads from the previous issue, it comes out that no individual planet deserves to be termed as a doer in its own right. The planets keep doing their rounds as a part of the system, strictly following nature driven design parameters, with no scope for making any exception, as they can’t make a wilful choice. That leaves no scope for a specific God (ruler) piloting the planet, such as Shanideva administering our Karma. Karma, you are aware, is nothing but a fallout of the cause-effect chain driving our lives, which too, works in a self-automated mode. All that we do, gets recorded in our memory in the form of thought-seed, which given a congenial ground comes into play. In fact, no external agency has any role to play. Therefore, any attempt to appease Shanideva through transactional prayers, for being relieved of blemishes, if any, doesn’t hold ground.

Bear in mind; the Universe is a unified organism, with all its field players framed into an inseparable inter-dependant structure. Obviously then, any change at one end of the cosmos, its reverberation will be felt far and wide. It, thus, implies that any change in the cosmic energy pattern marked with planetary movement, shall have corresponding bearing on our thought process, and thereby our life cycle as well. Now, future course of life can’t be figured out in advance. But the planetary speed being known, their placement in emerging times could be precisely accounted for. Based on their correspondence with our life cycle, one can visualise with a fair amount of precision, the probable course of life in future. Becoming aware thus, we can very well organise ourselves in a way that we consciously deny the ground necessary for any negative Karmic imprint from coming into play. We could also get well geared up to put in our best towards all that would be desirable. But seldom do we remain alert about consciously using our choice option rightfully, and with obvious consequences.

The question now is: How does Saturn’s sadhesati or dhaiya impact our lives in real terms? Remember, life is ever on its run, continuously changing all through its run. A good number of body cells keep dying out every moment with fresh ones emerging simultaneously. As we grow by age, childhood to youth, into midlife and then old age, our priorities in life keep changing, and with that the thought process too needs to change. Even environmental condition keeps changing every moment, and thereby its callings keep varying. We need to keep pace with the ongoing change. The paradox, however, is that it is in human being’s nature to resist change. They wish to live by their beliefs and perceptions carried over from past. Consequently, they become out of sync with the callings of present moment and are, therefore, left behind in the run of time. To overcome this impasse, nature is so designed as to put you through such learning lessons at periodic intervals, as would force self-reflection intended to evolve. Saturn’s sadhesati and dhaiya are such occasions.

How does it work? Saturn is Karma karaka and Moon is identified with mind. When Saturn associates with Moon, the energies reflected by the two, join hands to trigger such Karmic imprints brewing in mind as would put our thought process to test. Accordingly, as one’s mind is inherently framed with all its strengths and fault-lines, we take on the challenges coming our way. Life is any way full of challenges, their dimensions varying every emerging moment. Those, who work upon one’s fault lines and made necessary correction beforehand, and expand their vision, they perceive callings of emerging times in the right perspective. So, they are able to intelligently take on the emerging challenges in stride, and successfully make it to their desired destination even during sadhesati or dhaiya. On the contrary, the ones who remain stuck to their past beliefs and perceptions, as well their inherent infirmities become subject to discomforting experiences, and in multiplied terms during sadhesati or dhaiya. With their narrow vision, they fail to get a true picture of what would be coming around, and so their response becomes out of sync with the contemporary needs. They often have to go through trying times. But then such learning lessons, do also prompt you to self-reflect, identify and acknowledge fault lines, make amends, evolve, and prove true to the callings of emerging times in all strength. The choice is yours.

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