Keep a check on yourself

Keep a check on yourself

Someone under acute stress came asking the other day: “Sir, in the last four years my business has gone for a toss. I have lost heavily. I made all investments after consulting my astrologer. The very time span they suggested would be promising, actually proved disastrous. How can astrology go so wrong? Recently, I had to go through heart procedure. Was it because of too much of stress or was I due for it? I have faced two marital break ups and so, there is no family life left. Why did I have to undergo such an ordeal? Future seems bleak. Suggest some puja that would help me secure peace of mind.”

Well, astrology did not go wrong, it was the half knowing charlatan who misled you. Your chart suggests that during that period progressed Sun, the 11th lord identified with fulfilment of desires was adverse to career signifying 10th lord Moon. Progressed Meridian, which reflects business prospects was also ill-disposed to erratic Rahu. With such an adverse direction, business had to go down the hill. But now, the directions have turned positive, and therefore, your business will grow. It is time to take initiative. As Saturn regains its forward motion towards September end, things will start moving. From November end, benevolent Jupiter will aspect the 10th house, where after your business will begin moving in strong terms. So, future is no longer bleak as you feel because of past setbacks. Remember, past is history, which will not repeat anymore now. Build up faith and get going with confidence.

Having said that, given the fact the Moon, the lord of 10th house is posited in Mercury owned sign Virgo, makes sense of plurality your basic nature. You will never be satisfied with just one task in hand. You will delve into so many things at one go, making the overall logistics so difficult that it will not be possible to pay due attention to the tasks in hand. You went on spreading your business across different countries, with one leg here and the other there. As a consequence, you could not do justice to the callings of your business that was spread all across. So, more than unfavourable time line, your attitude cost you heavily.

Now about your health issues, Sun, the natural signifying planet for heart is debilitated. It is placed adverse to the other luminary Moon pointing to acute emotional stress and health vulnerability. This has to be read together with ailment signifying 6th sub-lord Mercury, which occupies its house of detriment, Scorpio sign. Also, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter and Venus, which is indicative of your self-indulgent habits, that had a telling effect on your health parameters. Now, Mercury that rules the circulatory system is opposite restrictive Saturn, which being 5th lord marked with heart, is tenanted in the 7th house carrying killing propensity. Since, you are assured of a long life, it just ended up with blockage of artery, leading to heart procedure. It happened during Saturn dasha and Mercury antardasha, implying that you were due for it.

Now coming to your personal relationships, Mars the 7th lord identified with married partner, crosses path with Jupiter, which speaks of your inflated ego.  Mars again is placed adverse to Venus the lagna lord. The two read together makes egotistical clashes with the partner imperative. If we look at the finer coordinates, the 7th sub-lord is again Mercury, a planet marked with multiplicity, which being 12th lord is detrimental to a happy married life.

Let us now look at astrological pointers to your overall habit tendencies. In this respect, mind signifying Moon occupies Virgo sign, which is placed adverse to the Sun. That brings in a perfectionist streak in you, and on your self-defined terms. You wish from others to prove true to the terms set by you. If ever, someone falls short of your expectations, it becomes difficult for you to digest. You then become overcritical of others, deride them, and won’t hesitate making acerbic remarks against them. Given your inflated ego, you wish to force your way on others, not caring for other’s sensibilities and concerns. Not to say anything on allowing independent space due to them. With this mindset, it will be difficult to be in accord with others. So,  rather than blaming destiny indications or fault lines of your estranged partners, better look into your own habit tendencies and address them. Instead of looking for a puja dedicated to gain peace, better way is to self-reflect and make necessary amends through fresh educative inputs.

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