Implications of distant planets

Implications of distant planets

Nobody, not even doctors were aware of coronavirus before it trapped the whole world into its fold. Only after pandemic broke out that the medical scientists have begun their research to find the right medicine and vaccine to check mate this menace in future.  So remains true about astrologers also.  None could foresee this pandemic.  I could just see possibility of mass death from eclipse chart of December 26, 2019.  Now we are trying to analyse data relating to pandemics in earlier times to figure out planetary alignment pointing to possibility of such pandemics.  Major pandemic broke out every 100 years – 1720, 1820, 1920, and now in 2020.  In between also, pandemic broke out on various occasions, already discussed in one of my earlier issues.

In course of the study, it came out that the distant planets – Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune – play a very important role in so far as catastrophic events of large dimension are concerned.  Unfortunately, most of Indian astrologers don’t pay any attention to these planets.  Fact, however, remains that but for taking them into consideration, it would not be possible to explain unusual happenings of large scale. In fact, ever since Uranus, in course of its periodic motion, entered Aries sign in April 2017, I have been wondering its probable implications in world matters during its 7 years of stay there.  For, earlier during Uranus’s transit through Aries sign, have been marked with major issues confronting the world.   Bear in mind, when astrological chart of the world is drawn, Aries sign is taken as lagna, as it is the first house of natural zodiac.

From 1933 to 1940, Uranus was there in Aries.  2nd world war happened during this period which took about 16 million valuable lives.  In the process world economy was devastated.  It took years to bring back the economy on rails.  1849 to 1856 period is marked with Taiping rebellion in China, which cost more than 10 million lives.  2nd British Burma war took place during this period.  Crimean war happened.  1765 to 1773 period is marked with American revolution.  Now we are faced with the present pandemic.  It is nothing sort of a world war like situation.  During world wars, apart from the major players in the war theatre, about 20 to 30 countries would have been directly or indirectly got affected.  The present pandemic has overtaken the entire world.

Having said that, let me make it clear, Uranus alone can’t play that big a devil.  Other planets carrying negative implications have to join hand.  In this respect, Pluto is believed to be most lethal.  Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu forming adverse alignment further add on killing propensity.  During all unprecedented events, the chart drawn at the time of major eclipse during the year, Pluto has been found to be either with Jupiter, Saturn, or Ketu.  During 1720 pandemic Pluto was there with Jupiter and Uranus.    In 1820, Pluto was with Saturn, another death signifying planet.  In 1920, Pluto was opposite Mars in the death indicating 8th house, which was ill-disposed off to Uranus.  The Sun and Moon were placed adverse to mischievous Neptune.  During eclipse that happened on December 26, 2019, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu were together on the eclipse axis.  The result is there to see.  More than a million people have already been found infected.  The death toll too has been mounting every day.  The economic recession thereof needs no elaboration.  So, we need to keep a watch on the movement of the distant planets to figure out their future implications in the world and over our country.

I am afraid, the impact of Uranus won’t be over even after this pandemic is brought under control.  It has still to stay in Aries for another 4 years.  Meanwhile Saturn and Pluto are there in Capricorn sign.  Jupiter too is there for a while but will be soon back to Sagittarius sign.  Once again Jupiter will enter Capricorn in November this year.  So, during next year, Saturn will be degree-wise placed square to Uranus (an adverse placement sometime in 2021.  At some point of time Mars may also join hands with them.  Such planetary alignment again points to possibility of a difficult situation, in what way, time ahead will speak.  So, we can’t afford to be complacent.  The purpose of this deliberation is not to scare you.  It is, however, the need of hour to consolidate ourselves as much as would be possible, so that we are well prepared to take on the challenges ahead in strength.

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