Ill-framed mind can derail you

Ill-framed mind can derail you

I was sitting in a party with six others around a table. One of them raked up the issue of recent mayhem in Delhi and got into blame game. The person sitting by his side came out with his counter narrative, taking the blame game exercise to other extreme. One person, who patiently heard their never ending arguments and counter arguments for long, burst out: “If highly educated people like you stay stuck to your perceptions, and not come to terms with reason, how do you expect from lesser educated people, who are stuck to their ardent beliefs, to be ever in accord with each other?” Conscientious people need to ponder upon this serious issue and provide lead.

Well, perception drives a being, which is primarily defined by thought-imprints in mind, carried over from the past. What you pick up in your own right or those fed into the mind by majority view of the social or religious group you belong to, influence your thought process. It appears that the whole society is caught up with a sense of insecurity – with majority group afraid of losing its control in the future and the minority groups fearing their existence. With that comes a sense of identity crisis, which plays a devil in the societal framework. A lot of misguided people are found emerging on the scene, who go overboard posing as self-acclaimed defenders of their group identity, often leading to communal and ethnic clashes. The result is there for all to see – across the globe, with all the mindless killings happening every now and then.

It is high time society elders make aware the people with the truths of life, so simply put forth in Indian philosophy. See, how beautifully Kathopanishada, also referred to in Bhagwad Gita, come out with two fundamental truths of life. First, the living order is a unified organism, where no individual existence has a reality independent of the entirety. Second, it emphasises upon interdependence of all diverse existences. Metaphorically, the whole world is  presented as an inverse Asvata (Banyan) tree with the roots above and with its trunk, branches, twigs, with all the leaves turned downward. The root above implies that the whole life structure owes its genesis to the infinite cosmos, beyond ordinary human perception. The difference in the size and shape of the branches, twigs, and the leaves symbolise existent diversity in the world. The whole tree works as an integrated mechanism. If, ever any part of it, say a twig, is forcefully separated from the main tree-body, it becomes lifeless, a dead matter. Even if we look at the life mechanism on planet earth, similar truth will come out. Water flowing down the stream extends life all across, with the trees and the vegetable world, which in turn, manages the weather cycle to sustain water resources. Even otherwise, no individual can secure even one’s bare survival by oneself. But all, complementing and supplementing each other’s efforts, put together makes out a self-sufficient world. If this truth of life dawns upon a being, it will bring in a strong humane sense, which alone can ensure peace and harmony in the society.

More important, however, is to do away with the preconditioning of each human mind for a reasoned approach in life. A case in point are astrological pointers of a being pointing to his mental inconsistencies. Although armed with great potential, but his glaring fault-lines limits them substantially. Mind signifying Moon conjunct Jupiter grants him with a fertile brain, who would apparently follow a value system. The two, however, being opposite mischievous Neptune, would mean that no matter how high moral ground he may take, fact remains that he would be stuck to his delusionary fanciful perceptions, distanced from ground realities. He would not be open to look beyond for a reality check. He may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance and would rather passionately pursue his beliefs on hope against hope, till pushed to the wall. Moon placed in Aries, favourably aligned to Uranus, which read together with 6 planets in fiery signs make him highly ambitious. He dreams big, impulsively jumps into action without applying proper forethought, often ending up in a crash.   All the more because, intelligence signifying Mercury is ill-disposed off to both Jupiter and Moon, which accounts for his insensible reasoning and judgment. When he fails in his personal endeavour, he vents out his frustration in loud talk on societal predicament. Consequently, he though in his early sixties, has not been able to establish himself.


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