Guru-Disciple Dynamic

Guru-Disciple Dynamic

Guru-disciple dynamic

The other day, someone came asking: “Can a Guru change a person’s samskara – inherent mental tendencies?” Well, a Guru doesn’t use a magical wand to change disciple’s mind-traits. He would rather help you remould yourself. He, in the first place, shows a being’s mirror image. Second, he triggers spiritual seed in a being, which is there in everybody, but in large majority lies dormant. Third, he offers lessons in how to self-reflect upon the inner-frame of mind to explore indwelling thought-seeds that hold the key to inherent habit tendencies. The process helps identify and acknowledge one’s fault lines. Following which, one could address them by continued reflection upon fresh educative inputs provided either by the Guru himself or philosophical scriptures. Once, the educative inputs get firmly absorbed in the mind, they may spontaneously find reflection in our day-to-day conduct. He also lends assistance in pursuing the process in right earnest. In the process, one also becomes aware of indwelling potentials to further optimise them.

At the end of the day, however, it all depends on a seeker’s conscious efforts, which is guided by three factors: First, the consultee needs to be receptive enough to look at the advisory with an open mind, free from any preconditioning whatsoever. But for which, he/she may not be able to absorb them in sense and spirit. Second, the seeker needs to exercise his/her freewill option, an exclusive human preserve, to change his/her thought process. Third, sustained pursuance of the process suggested in right earnest.

The paradox, however, is that habit tendencies die hard. Given a small trigger, they spring out again and again, and more often to our detriment. So, it is not easy to change one’s inherent tendencies. Only a resolute person having faith in Guru succeeds. What further compounds the problem is one’s Ahamkara (sense of ego consciousness). It makes you believe your own personality traits, coming as they may as reflection of Karmic carryover from the past, and accordingly self-defines them as operating principles of individual life. Ahamkara does also get drawn towards tempting influences of the outer world and makes them as the dream destination. In the process, it won’t invoke human being’s empowerment tool Buddhi (the faculty of discriminate intelligence), for due diligence. The worst is that caught up in the usual flow of life, Ahamkara doesn’t allow time and space to explore the inner frame of mind. Consequently, one fails to dispassionately identify and acknowledge one’s own fault lines, and in many cases even one’s indwelling potential. And if you are not aware of your own self, how can you address the fault lines or optimise the strength potential?

“How is a Guru able to show disciple’s mirror image?” Asked the man. Well, only such people qualify to be a Guru who purifies his/her mind and rises above all mental and emotional limitations. They are able to access full landscape of their mind. On that strength, they intuitively read a disciple’s mind. Alternately, astrology can be used as a diagnostic tool to figure out one’s personality traits with a fair amount of precision.

“Is there any proof of what you have stated?” Asked the man again. Ancient India’s learned masters during deep meditative state have intuitively discovered the subtle realities of life that find reflection in philosophic scriptures. I reflected upon those learnings for long. And then, using Astrology as a diagnostic tool, I applied them on hundreds of people in real terms. The experiences, thus gained, bears testimony to the above facts.

A case in point is that of a young man who could not relate well to his parents and was under tremendous stress. He came seeking guidance. A look at his chart revealed that more than anything else, he was himself responsible for his predicament. The reason: he had an inflated ego, as would 8th aspect of Mars on Jupiter may mean. Moon placed in Mercury owned Virgo sign, and that too placed adverse to Mars and the Sun, in the first place brings in a sense of “I am the only right person syndrome”. He had a feel that people don’t pay attention to his intelligent stand. Second, he wished things his exclusive ways, and therefore, could not digest contrarian views, no matter how relevant they may be. Third, he was temperamental, impulsive, hot headed, and irritable. The Sun opposite mischievous Neptune made him stuck to his fanciful dream perceptions, distanced from ground realities. What further made him at odds with his father is that the Sun is ill-disposed to Saturn.

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