God helps those who help themselves

God helps those who help themselves

“I am god loving. I pray every morning before I set out for work, and again before I retire for the day. Yet, my life has gone through unwanted twists and turns every now and then. Why my prayers have gone un-responded so far? What am I lacking? Tell me, what corrections do I need to make. When does my life stabilise?” With these questions in mind, someone recently sought my guidance.

Well, God or no God, how does it matter? If at all there is a God, He would be involuntarily doing His rounds. He doesn’t need our seeking or prompting for coming into play. He, in His own glory would be available in equal proportion to all and sundry. It, therefore, becomes difficult to digest that he would selectively listen to your prayers and grant wishes to your asking. Even if there is no God, how does it matter. For, life will still continue moving on. So, instead of looking for seeking God’s help, somewhere out at a distance, for fulfilment of desires, better take charge of yourself, and consciously try to get better empowered.

Having said that, let me make it clear that the relevance of the concept of God still holds good. Even if He doesn’t grant your wishes, pursuing the belief does certainly help firm up your own faith element. That helps you carry on the task in hand in all strength. Also, it keeps you centred.

But all said and done, at the end of the day, you need to take charge of yourself, and consciously works towards the desired destination. Know it in clear terms that life as such doesn’t have an easy go. In a world, where everyone is born unique, each manifesting varying mind-traits and desire-trends, it becomes a natural breeding ground for conflict of perceptions and interests. Evidently, therefore, you are bound to contend with competing interests and contrarian forces. Braving all such challenges ahead intelligently, you need to put in wholesome quality efforts to score success. That, however, would not come about, unless you consciously identify and acknowledge your inherent fault lines, address them, and also optimise your potential. But, for which, you will fail to put in your best foot forward. Also, you need to keep an eye on prevailing environmental conditions to intelligently sail through all odds coming in the way.

That makes it incumbent upon you to live consciously. You have so far gone ahead with the usual flow of life, carrying the hope that being a believer, God will help you sail through. So, you have gone through intermittent bouts of success and failures. It’s time now to make you aware of your potential and weaknesses. Jupiter firmly placed in the lagna makes you a well-meaning and creative person. The lagna lord Mars in the 3rd house grants you with the courage necessary to spiritedly carry on the task in hand. Moon, well aligned to Uranus points to your innovative, inventive, and insightful mind, worth coming out with out of box independent ideas. Moon again, placed favourably to Mercury grants you with excellent communicative skills.

Your habits and attitudes, however, often play spoil sport with your strength side. Your lagna sign Aries makes you aggressive, impulsive, impatient, intolerant, and domineering, who may not like to play a second fiddle to any. You carry the tendency to jump into action without applying proper forethoughts, and with obvious consequences. It’s only when you land into problem that you are forced to apply your mind when you may emerge as the best crisis manager also. Moon occupying Sagittarius sign makes you undiplomatic and tactless. Mars well aligned to Uranus makes you self-willed and overconfident, but its opposition to Moon, and also ill-disposed off to the Sun, makes you temperamental, angry and irritable person. You may flare up on the slightest provocation, when you may temporarily lose all sense of reasons and direction. The Sun opposite Saturn brings in a sense of fear and insecurity, which in turn, brings in a sense of inertia. So, often your initiatives as also response to a situation gets delayed, and with obvious consequences. If that would not be enough, the Sun placed adverse to Jupiter brings in a swaggering ego, which binds you to self-defined beliefs and perceptions, not open to look beyond for a reality check either. It becomes difficult for you to digest, if ever things don’t move your expected lines, when you get unnerved beyond due. And the result is there to see.

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