Freewill can reshape destiny

Freewill can reshape destiny

Having shared the construct of mind and its operative mechanism as detailed in the previous issue, I will now give you an insight into the chemistry of mind. As explained earlier, we begin life with inherent desire and mind trends, coming as they may as a carryover from the past birth. Accordingly, mind involuntarily develops individual specific beliefs that set into motion desire trends, which in turn, excite corresponding thoughts. Some of these thoughts gravitate, following processing in the laboratory of mind, and translate into actions.  Not all thoughts translate into action though.  The weaker ones die out on the way. But there can’t be any action without being driven by thoughts. That’s why it is said: “Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become action; watch your actions, they become habit; watch your habits, they become your destiny.”

Evidently, the intent, character and content of the desire trends and thoughts excited, define the quality of fruits of action thereto, we become due for – enjoying or frustrating whatever.  The feel thereof, get relayed and added on to our memory, which further modifies our thought process, with related future ramifications.  This way, we remain stuck to the self-created circuitous web of thoughts and feelings of our own making, ordinarily difficult to find escape. Now, how to go beyond?

Your mind is empowered to self-reflect and figure out from its ongoing trends the fault lines and indwelling potential lying dormant thus far. You need to first identify and acknowledge them, and then make necessary amends through fresh educative inputs. Also, hone indwelling potential and improve your creative abilities. See, how wonderful instrument mind is, that it can see its own image in its self-created mirror. The irony, however, is that many a times a person may be armed with a talent, but he may not be aware of.  A couple of years back a young man came seeking guidance on his career prospects. He was advised to pursue a career that involves his language skill, such as media. The young man countered: “Sir, you seem to have read my potential wrong, as my language is not good, nor I am keen about pursuing such a career. I would rather prefer managerial job.” “Even to successfully pursue your managerial assignment, you need a good communication skill. Why not work upon your language while preparing for entry into a business school?” I suggested. That got into his head.  Three months later, he came back: “Sir, I now realise that I can write well with clarity. Should I take up journalism?” “You are well suited to a such a career”. I added. He has been successfully pursuing journalism for more than 17 years now.

The paradox, however, is that more often, your sense of ego plays the spoiler. It won’t let you dispassionately acknowledge your shortcomings. It may rather try to make you justify it, as if, that would be your identity. Here again comes the role of a learned Guru. He will first show your mirror image with all its good and bad. He may then give you a process and then lead you through.  He doesn’t do a miracle. He rather lets you grow in your own right. The process calls for taking your attention away from the outer world and turn it inward.  As you look within, you may come across a thought crowd gathered at the subconscious level. Left to itself, you may keep unmindfully flirting with them, like a wild monkey randomly hopping from one branch of a tree to the other. You need to train your mind to remain disengaged from those thoughts whether good or unpleasant.  Remember, you may get affected only when you pay attention to something. As your monkey mind settles down over a period of time, sincerely pursuing the process on a regular basis, you will strike upon still deeper layers of mind. That may give you an insight into your inherent mind traits. Guru keeps helping you all through the run of the process with his educative insights that may help you get over your inherent infirmities. Through sustained efforts, over a period of time, mind gets purified of its limitations, making available its full landscape with its wholesome powers. Following which, the Guru makes you explore and realise holistically the dynamics of life, which helps redefine your thought process.  You are now equipped to exercise your freewill option to come out of the binds of fate and reshape it afresh.

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