Free your Mind of all Preconditioning

Free your Mind of all Preconditioning

The world is a projection of one’s mind. The way mind envisions, ideates, discriminates, articulates, and wills upon is how one negotiates life. The aspirations nursed by the mind, tempts one to set the dream destination and accordingly act upon. The way mind wishes, sets the premise against which one forms world view. Accordingly, one would entertain the outer world in terms of one’s reaction and response to external stimuli. One’s habits and attitudes, which set the terms of one’s performing self, too is seeded in the mind. To sum up, the way mind drives, will define whether one becomes due for a rewarding and fulfilling experiences in life, or end up inviting pains and sufferings.

The question now is: Can life move to one’s asking exactly as wished? Experience suggests otherwise, as life does not necessarily move on one’s own exclusive terms. Usually nothing comes about in life without contending with oddities and hazards in the way, which often puts one through difficult time. Why? For, no two minds are ever similar. In fact, every being is born unique, each reflecting varying mind-trait. The living world thus remains a natural breeding ground of conflicting thoughts and interests. Evidently, with each of us pursuing one’s self-designated path, life as such can never move unhindered and that too in a demanding mode. Therefore, the run of life is seldom easy.

The obvious question that follows: When more often than not the challenges faced are posed by external factors, how can we blame our own mind for what we go through? Apparently, it looks so, as one has no control on how others are to confront us. It is, however, very much in our hands to react and respond to any situation intelligently and turn it in one’s favour. In fact, mind is very much empowered to visualise in advance anticipated problems and be geared up to face them smartly. If we are not alert enough to exploit our own empowerment tool to make right choices, who else is to be blamed for? In this sense you become a victim of your own doing.

Remember, given our faculty of discriminate intelligence, the powers of mind are immense. If one could exploit in full one’s indwelling empowerment tool, mind would know no limits. Given a free hand, it could strike even beyond the known. The paradox, however, is that most of us have a clouded mind, coming as they may as seed-thoughts picked up and registered in mind in the past precondition our mind one way or the other. Mind power, thus, comes under limitation. What further plays spoil sport with us is our sense of ego, which invariably identifies itself with the indwelling thought-seeds. And our ego does not let us explore beyond the premise set by our indwelling thought-seeds. With such a restricted vision, one fails to look at the issues in hand in the right perspective due, and evidently to one’s detriment.

Look at how preconditioning of mind derailed a young guy. Look at his astrological pointers. The two luminaries, the Sun and Moon, are well aligned to each other, making him a comfort loving person, who may shun hard work. Both placed adverse to Uranus and Neptune, makes him stuck to his self-delusions, distanced from ground realities. He would prefer to live by his whims and fancies and behave irrationally with his elders particularly when advised otherwise.

Intelligence signifying Mercury ill-disposed off to Mars accounts for his restless mind, which does not let him set his priorities right. Also, he will not be able to pay attention to the callings of time. Mercury also opposed to Saturn accounts for his fixated one track mind, not open to listening and counsel.

Combust Venus, afflicted by both Uranus and Neptune, makes him vulnerable to get into unseemly activities that could bring ill-repute. Mars locked in adverse formation to its planet of nemesis Saturn as well as restive Rahu, makes him temperamental and irritable. Also, makes him vulnerable to unmindfully misdirect his energies towards unproductive ends.

And the result is there to see. This guy was performing very well in school. No sooner had he the taste of independence in college, far away from his parents, he went astray. He lost interest in studies and got involved in unseemly fun loving activities. He abandoned studies half way, and is now moving directionless. In fact, he has reached a stage, which calls for immediate psychiatric intervention in order to bring him back to rails.

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