Fix your habits early in life

Fix your habits early in life

Habits die hard. You may stive to get over them, but you won’t be able to hold it for long unless you make corrections at the base level. Remember, the root of inherent habit tendencies lie in the thought seeds that are firmly embedded in the inner realms of the mind. As and when they get a congenial ground, they spring into action. Something like a wheat seed, which if kept on a table, remains inert. If it somehow reaches the earth mass, it will sprout into a plant when it has access to water.

Someone holding a coveted position in an international organisation fearing loss of job came asking three years back: “My performance at works is commendable, and is duly acknowledged by my superiors. Yet, why do I come under such threat? Will I be able to retain my position?” “Well, the reason lies in your self-undoing acts. You are primarily an escapist. Whenever you come under negative bind for whatever reasons, your inherent sense of fear and insecurity overtakes your thought plane. To forget that, your get into self-indulgences, which you take to extremes. You, thus, invite your own problem. But given  present astrological directions, as of now your job is secure.” I observed. “Agreed sir. But how could you pinpoint my problem with such clarity?” He asked.

“A horoscope speaks of the basic fabric of one’s making. That throws light on your virtues & attributes; as well as habits and attitudes. Coming as they may as Karmic carryover from the past, they are imprinted in the inner realms of your mind as thought-seeds. Given a congenial trigger, they come into play.” I replied. Having been assured of his job security he asked: “Suggest me some remedial measures – stone or a puja – that may help me avoid such situations in future.”

He was given a process, which involved self-reflecting on his thought patterns so as to resolve them through relevant educative inputs that may help get over the past hang-ups. Also, to train the mind living mindfully in the present. “Why put me under such process? I promise you to overcome my self-indulgences. I am strong enough to hold on to my promise.” “Well, that will not suffice. You need to resolve them from the root level, otherwise, it will erupt in future also.” I observed. He did not pay attention to my counsel. No wonder, he came under similar spell twice in between.

Let us now look at his astrological pointers. He is born in Aquarius lagna, a fixed sign, which makes him a stubborn character. The lagna lord Saturn conjunct the Sun brings in a sense of fear and insecurity having a hardened attitude. Moon placed adverse to Saturn  brings in a negative mind-set. Given an adverse situation, he may become self-pitying. The Sun placed adverse to mischievous Neptune makes him habitually an escapist, who remains stuck to his self-delusionary perceptions. He may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance and will rather prefer pursuing his own self-beliefs till pushed to the wall.

Moon is ill-disposed off to Venus identified with sensuous pleasure, which is conjunct Rahu. Venus is also involved in exchange with Mars, a planet identified with animalistic instincts. This combination, in the first place, brings in self-indulgent tendencies. Second, he remains vulnerable to unpredictable mood swings. Third, he is too much touchy and sensitive, whereby he gets overexercised even on trivial issues, over which he keeps mulling for long.

Intelligence signifying Mercury is ill-disposed off to Mars, which makes him restless, irritable and bad tempered. He, thus, given an adverse situation, loses his sense of alert, vital to mindful living. Mercury placed adverse to Jupiter accounts for his insensible reasoning and judgment. What further compounds his problem is his inflated ego, coming as it may with Mars placed adverse to Jupiter. That binds him to his self-defined beliefs and perceptions, not open to look beyond for a reality check. He is averse to listening or counsel. He can’t digest anything that is not in line with his perception. If all that would not be enough Moon posited in Sagittarius sign and also averse to Saturn implies that he will not be able to keep up the promises he makes.

With exalted Jupiter and Moon over the head, the positives in him are strong enough to make him a good professional. But his overpowering negatives would not allow him a free run, unless he resolves them from the root level. The result is there to see.

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