Explore and Clean Clouded Mind

Explore and Clean Clouded Mind

A regular reader of this column put up an intriguing question: “At times, my heart tells me to do something, but mind guides me otherwise. How do I resolve such internal conflicts?”

Well, invariably the tempting influences of the seeming world are mistakenly perceived as heart’s calling. When we get caught up in the glare and glitters of what draws our attention, we begin craving for it. And the ardent desire to gain it is what usually seems to be the call of our heart. It is something like a boy and girl in their teens getting infatuated towards each other. They are not actually aware what love really means.

The true calling of heart, on the contrary, is driven by a sense of pure love, which is all about giving, not demanding. Elaborating further, I drew his attention to how he put in his whole raising the sickly born grandchild. The attending doctors, apparently what may be termed as experiential sense of reason, had given up all hope. “Ignoring all that, it was your unflinching and selfless love towards the child that did not let you relent. And you pooled in all resources in your hand, which included your mind-power, to have successfully raised her quality of life.”

In fact, there is no scope for a conflict between the callings of an unblemished mind and pure heart. Even the sense of pure love is nothing but manifestation of pure mind, as remains the case with evolved beings. In some cases, one’s pure mind could spontaneously come into play on intense need based calling also, as it happened in the above case. For, purity of mind is never lost. It gets just clouded by our ignorance. And as intense heat of the Sun drives away the cloud, one’s sincere calling could temporarily sideline the clouding of mind.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the powers of pure mind are immense. If we could make wholesome use of our mind-power, one would know no limits, and therefore, carry no illusions. The irony, however, is that invariably we are born with a clouded mind, coming as it may with memory imprints carried over from the past. The imprints having negative connotation, hold the key to all our unseemly habits and attitudes, which restricts the scope our vision. Our ego further plays spoil sport in the process, which again is nothing but being stuck to self-assumptions. It does not let you dispassionately do due diligence either. It is such restricted minds that excite conflicts, and holds the key to our impaired psyche and thereby reasoning.

It, therefore, becomes incumbent upon us to explore the clouding of our mind – vulnerabilities – and make timely correction to ensure a smooth run of life. Truth remains that we seldom remain conscious about exploring the reasons underlying our impaired performing-self, and with obvious consequences. The paradox is that it is only when the situation becomes unbearable that one looks for remedy. First, one tries religious options, and when that does not work, in a state of desperation seeks help of expert counsellors.

Here is the case of a potential man going through mid life crisis, which he mistook as the calling of destiny indications. Truth, however, remains that over a period of time his unaddressed inherent infirmities having firmed up, now play the spoiler. Let us now look at his astrological pointers.

The Sun is locked in adverse formation to its planet of nemesis, Saturn, which is conjunct headless Ketu. This offers evidence of the possibility of being subjected to repression in early childhood. So it happened close to 4 years by age when he became a victim of wilful wrong doing by an adult errant. Consequently, a sense of fear and insecurity got imprinted deep in his psyche. That has made him habitually suspicious, and lacking in the spirit needed to face challenges head on, whereby he has developed an escapist tendency. The Sun also ill-disposed off to Venus makes him too much touchy and sensitive. Lagna lord Mars placed opposite mischievous Neptune is indicative of suffering from inferiority complex. The above inconsistencies in his personality are all interlinked. In the process, his potential side, which is immense, gets compromised.

Having thus becoming aware of indwelling infirmities, now he could resolve them, sincerely pursuing the Mind-Detoxification process as suggested. His extraordinary talent, as reflected by intelligence signifying Mercury conjunct wisdom oriented Jupiter, both well aligned to intellectually ordained Uranus, will then come into active play.

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