Discriminate intelligence, the true empowerment tool

Discriminate intelligence, the true empowerment tool

Having had a taste of the thin dividing line distinguishing the law of destiny and that of karma, it is time now to test the ground further in applied terms. Those bound by destiny, as we are aware, would believe that the future course of events in their lives are all preordained with virtually no scope for any modification through conscious intervention. On the contrary, those overtaken by their power of freewill often ignore the callings of destiny and try to live in the present as if they would be a free bird.

To find an answer to the above dilemma, one needs to revisit the question afresh. Remember, the calling of destiny is nothing but a fall out of one’s own karma in the past, be they pertaining to the previous birth or in the immediate living past. And all karmas leave residual traces of their doing with potential to influence the future. For, in the cause-effect chain, to which we are all embedded, every effect turns out to be a cause for the future. That brings us to an important question: Would it not mean that we are all stuck to the labyrinth or our own making?

A look into the finer nuances of the chemistry of life can offer the right lead. Going by the provisions of Indian philosophy, life runs in succession. One departs from this world to reincarnate with fresh body carrying impressions of the previous life’s experiences and unfulfilled desires. And that defines our destiny. But how does this reflect in applied terms? The memory implants we carry set the trends of our habits, attitudes, and desire trends that condition our thought process one way or the other. So, invariably, we begin life with inherent tendencies, and left to them, one would conduct within that frame. In this sense, our past keeps chasing us. Is there a way out?

Here comes into play the power of freewill, duly aided by the faculty of discriminate intelligence. Applying this prerogative, one could self-reflect to discover the self – one’s inherent tendencies. Accordingly, one could make necessary amends and set the premise right for future. But danger here is that this prerogative too comes with a choice. First, one could use the power of dispassion inherent with the faculty of discriminate intelligence to figure out the most appropriate lead and mindfully walk towards a better tomorrow. Or alternately, stuck to one’s ego, mistakenly identify the power of freewill to one’s whims and fancies and mindlessly walk into future.

Here is a case in point suggesting that power of freewill has the prerogative to take the final call, and which carries the potential to interfere with the course of destiny. Going by astrological dictums, the man in question seems to be promised of marriage of his choice. For, Mars, the seventh lord identified with marriage is firmly placed in the seventh house itself. Even the seventh sub-lord Saturn, which is conjunct Ketu, the 5th sub-lord identified with love, occupies the nakshatra owned by Mars. That further ratifies the promise of marriage, and that too of choice because of close connection of the fifth and seventh. But, even at the fag end of his 40’s, he is still unmarried. For, in his egotistical hang, he had taken a pledge not to marry, if he fails to accomplish a task undertaken. Mars placed adverse to Jupiter speaks of his high ego that gets him stuck to his self-defined dos and don’ts. So, the man’s power of freewill played the devil with his marital promise.

To sum up, destiny is anyway limiting, but even power of freewill comes under limitation if it ignores the necessity to use the faculty of discriminate intelligence well in time.

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