Detoxify your mind

Detoxify your mind

To continue from where we left in the previous issue, let me now relate a story believed to be associated with Lord Buddha.  For, it will explain the rationale behind the simple process suggested for relaxing the mind.  Buddha was travelling with his disciples when he felt thirsty.  So, he camped and then asked a disciple to fetch water from a nearby water stream.  As the disciple was approaching the stream, he saw an animal crossing it.  Evidently, the mud underneath the stream got stirred up, and so water did not remain worth consumption.  How could he feed his guru with dirty water?  So, the disciple did not collect water.  Later, when Buddha asked for water, the disciple informed him that water was dirty.  Buddha then said:  “The mud would have settled down by now and so, go again”.  This time, though the mud had largely settled down, but water was yet not clean.  So, he again returned empty handed.   It was during his third visit that he could fetch clean water when the mud had finally settled down.

Remember, mind can be compared to a running water stream.  Instead of water, thoughts keep continuously flowing through the mind-space.  On the way, lot of negative and inconsequential thoughts do also keep intruding the mind-space.  They can be attributed to two factors.  First, memory impressions of unpleasant experiences one would have had in the past.  Second, many wild thoughts unmindfully arising in course of daydreaming one often gets into.  They are comparable to mud at the bottom of the water stream getting stirred up.  These unwarranted thoughts vitiate your thought process so much that you lose your sense of reasons and order, which doesn’t allow space to objectively pursue your thoughts.  As you let lose your mind, and remain disengaged from the thoughts cruising your mind, over a period of time, unwanted thoughts go out of reckoning.  It is just as the mud settles down when the water stream is allowed free flow for a while.  As the mind settles down, fresh space becomes available to process your thoughts objectively, in turn enabling you to pick up the right lead.  Mind, thus, gets trained to maintain its sense of order.  Taste of the pudding is in eating.  Pursue the process regularly.  Initially, it may not be easy to bear with thoughts flooding your mind space.  As you close your eyes, you get cut off from the outer world, but thought impressions lying at the subconscious level come into full play, making you restive.  As time passes by, mind will settle down, and you may feel relaxed and at peace.

Once the mind settles down, you are ready to move on to the next stage and get further empowered.  You then need to declutter your mind of all the unwarranted thought impressions lying at still at deeper layers of mind.  These imprints, coming as they may as Karmic carry over from the past birth, precondition your mind one way or the other.  That varies from person-to-person, according as individual specific experiences one would have had, which defines the unique character of every being, each manifesting varying desire trends, habits and attitudes.  Seen in practical terms, in the first place, these memory imprints serving as defining principle of mind hold the key to how you conduct in day to day life – good or bad.  Second, it limits your scope of vision to a narrow window frame through which you look at the world view.  Consequently, you often fail to look at issues in hand in the right perspective due, and with obvious consequences.

The question now is: How to declutter the mind of all its limiting influences.  Again, lie down on a hard surface over your back. Close the eyes.  Inhale deep and then exhale slowly.  Focus your attention on the breath cycle – in breath and outbreath in running cycle.  Once again you will be flooded with thoughts.  As you watch them, you may find definite patterns emerging that may throw light on your habit tendencies.  Becoming aware thus, you could resolve them through fresh educative inputs.  Better seek guidance from an enlightened Guru, who may help you get over the limiting influences faster.  Following cleansing of mind, you may be able to look at issues in hand free from any limitations whatsoever.  That may facilitate looking at things in the right perspective due, to pick up the right lead.  Consequently, you may be able to sail through life with relative ease and comfort.


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