Almost three years now, it is a rare occasion when one or the other scandal would not be occupying centre stage of print and visual media. But so far it involved high flying politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate honchos. It is now the turn of our leading sportsmen to have collaborated with the bookies and betting syndicates, which has earned bad name to the game of cricket, so dear to the Indians. All these negatives have brought tremendous worry to the common masses the most, and even more so because there is hardly a reasoned leader with a vision who could salvage the nation out of this murky situation. Some self-acclaimed leaders did initiate a fight, which even attracted spontaneous people’s support, but could not hold it long. For, in the first place, they did not get to the root of the problem. Second, they were looking for a quick-fix solution that could bring them immediate political dividend.

What is most interesting in all these is that those involved had already enough of riches in hand to enjoy the best in life. And still they did not mind defying all ethical norms to serve their unquenched thirst for more and more. That belies the earlier colonial belief that people coming from well off families were better suited to hold administrative posts because they would have already seen enough. The question now is: Why greed does not spare even the highly rich?

Remember: What comes out in open actually originates beforehand in mind, which is influenced by what is stored in seed-form there. The way mind is framed is what drives one’s thought process, which gets translated into action. So, greed exists in mind in seed-form which, given a congenial atmosphere, passionately goes for the kill at the very first opportunity that comes its way. It is this very greed element deeply ingrained in the mind that has been driving breeding unabated corruption. The impact of greed element stationed in one’s mind is so powerful that if left unchecked, it does not spare even an old man at the fag end of his life. In one such case, a very rich old man has been throwing emotional tantrums to squeeze his only son, because he is not capable of targeting elsewhere.

Earlier, the mighty could serve their greed element with impunity. The difference now is: Thanks to a vigilant media and awakened masses, due to which the guilty are being charged and prosecuted. But what is most worrying is that by the time dust settles in one case, another serious scandal breaks out. It has almost become an unending process. With this trend in the offing, we are heading for a disaster, sooner than later.

What is the way out? The simple answer is: Since the cause lies in the mind, it has to be checkmated there itself before one takes on life. So far, we have done enough to impart literal education and build skill-sets that could enable a person to earn enough. But what have we done towards “Making man out of a man (grooming good human beings imbibed with all the virtues and noble skills), as Swami Vivekanand used to say”? The fact remains that we are yet not seriously thinking about inducing core value system amongst our youngsters from the early school days, and because of which we are headed for our doom. Better late than never, let us wake up to shape our future generation from the base level even now.

Had value system been induced in one of the cricketers arrested in the spot-fixing scandal, he would have thought hundred times before trying to serve his inlaid greed. In his case, money signifying Venus conjunct passionate Mars, and both crossing swords with Uranus, Jupiter, and Moon need to be marked. That speaks of the high level of greed and penchant for all perverse desires that tempted him into all unbecoming acts. And the result is there for all to see.


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