Change for a better future

Change for a better future

The world is subject to continued change. Every moment, energy dynamics of the cosmos keeps varying widely, and with related bearing on life cycle on earth. The callings of every moment, thus, keeps changing. We are witness to continued change in the societal dynamics, confronting us with fresh challenges, also unfolding fresh opportunities. Accordingly, we need to keep pace with the ongoing change – intelligently combat the challenges and try to grab opportunities arising. Otherwise, we may be left behind in the run of time. The irony, however, is that ordinarily, we remain fixated to our dream perceptions, habits and attitudes. So, we try to resist change, carrying assumed fear of its future ramifications.

We also need to be conscious about changing ourselves at individual level. For, we are born with an inherent urge to evolve, expand our vision in order to visualise things in the right perspective. Accordingly, articulate ways and means to work towards a better tomorrow. This, however, would not be forthcoming unless we identify and acknowledge our individualistic limitations – mental and emotional, habits and attitudes – and address them through fresh educative inputs. Also identify our indwelling potential, hone it and then make the most out of it.

Many a times, we remain unaware of our inlaid potential, and so it remains untapped. A couple of years back a young lad came seeking guidance on his career prospects. He was advised to take up media related work as his strength point was communicative abilities and flair for language. He immediately retorted: “Sir, you have read me wrong. My language skill is not good and I wish to go for a managerial assignment. So, I am trying to get into a business school to acquire the necessary skill set required.” I could make out that his preconditioned mind is not able to digest my advice. I then suggested: “Well, it is your prerogative what profession to opt for. But in any discipline, you will need language skill to conduct well. Together with your preparations for next entrance test for admission into a business school, why not work on your language skills also.” That got registered in his mind. He immediately joined a media organisation as an intern, with the intent to improve his language skill. Within three months, the young man realised that he could write well, and soon after got into journalism.

A couple of years back, a gentleman in his early forties came seeking guidance on two issues: “Sir, my domestic atmosphere is not good. Suggest me some puja so that our family life improves. What is my growth potential in the present job?”

In so far as your wish to improve domestic atmosphere is concerned, you need to work upon your attitude, playing spoil sport with you so far. Pujas conducted by pundits can’t bring about any change. “Is it possible to change my inborn nature?” He asked. “Remember, human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination. Your discriminatory ability helps you identify and acknowledge inherent infirmities. Following which, you can make a conscientious choice to bring about the desired change through fresh educative inputs.” I responded.

About your career prospect, I see a change coming around 2019-20 under unforeseen circumstances. Better be on the lookout for alternative options available so that you land up in the right place. Otherwise, you may have to leave your job in a state of desperation. He again countered: “I am very comfortable in my present organisation. My seniors appreciate my work, and I have been growing. Why should I think of moving away from such a comfortable work atmosphere?” “Well, time ahead will prove. The problem with you is your stubbornness and the wish to live on own exclusive terms. But the world doesn’t always move to anybody’s asking.” I responded. No wonder, during the ongoing pandemic, his company became bankrupt, and he is without job. Having thus been proven right, he has again sought guidance.

Let us now look at the man’s astrological pointers to his personality trends. Both the luminaries the Sun and Moon are in fixed signs making him stubborn. Mars in the 4th house conjunct Moon makes him irritable, in fact, ‘My way or high way’ is his attitude. Mercury placed adverse to Neptune holds the key to his insensible judgment. The result is there to see. The man’s indwelling potential too is immense. It is still not late to address his inherent infirmities. Following which, his life may turn into a pleasant experience.

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