Beware of personality disorder

Beware of personality disorder

A worried mother came looking for destiny prospects of her son: “When is my son’s career breakthrough due? He is already 27, and yet not settled. When he was born, many astrologers had declared in one voice that he will make it big in life and make me proud. Their observation was based on five markers: Jupiter conjunct Moon in lagna sign Leo forming Gajakeshari Yoga; the lagna lord Sun in the 11th house identified with fulfilment of desires; Destiny indicating 9th lord Mars in the 9th house itself; 10th and 3rd lord Venus in the 11th house; and Karmic Saturn in its own sign. How comes that with so many positive indicators in his chart, he has not been able to move in life? Of late, in his state of frustration, his behaviour has become erratic, sometimes difficult to bear with. Meanwhile, I got many pujas done as suggested by the pundits but in vain. As a mother, driven by hope against hope, I am making the last attempt to know if you could suggest some workable remedial measure.”

Well, apparently, the pundits seem to have made a detailed analysis. Truth, however, remains that they failed to take a synthetic view of his chart, and so could not read his personality traits in full. They did not take note of the implication of inter-planetary alignments. They didn’t visualise negative roles played by Uranus and Neptune, as traditional astrologers yet not acknowledge their relevance simply because they don’t find mention in our ancient texts. Perhaps not having exposure to energy principles of creation, they treat the planets as divine celestial objects believed to be defining our destiny in finite terms. These cosmic bodies, on the contrary, are energy-balls marked with energy streams passing through a particular region with one or the other planet in the centre.

True, Jupiter and Moon when conjunct forms Gajakeshari Yoga. It, however, just implies having a fertile imaginative mind, which gets further augmented because Jupiter is also beautifully aligned to Uranus and Neptune. Consequently, he may come out with big ideas, apparently carrying gainful prospects. Their translation into fruits will, however, depend on how efficiently and sincerely he works towards that end. In this respect, even Jupiter the lord of 5th house (pleasure pursuits) as well as 8th (pains and sufferings) plays a dampener. For, driving him crazy with pleasure motive, it makes him susceptible to become a victim of his own making. Particularly when, other major planets carry strong negative implication.

About his overall personality traits, being born on 5th lunar day, he would be comfort loving, not keen to take challenges. Both the luminaries, the Sun and Moon are ill-disposed off to erratic Uranus and mischievous Neptune that are posited in the 5th house. It, in the first place, implies that he lives in an ivory tower of his delusionary self-beliefs and perceptions, mostly distanced from ground realities. He would not be open to look beyond in search of other viable options. Second, he may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance, and driven by a sense of hope against hope, continue to passionately pursue his fanciful dreams perceptions, till pushed to the wall. Third, he is an escapist, who, applying his mischievous mind may wish to have gains without pains. Fourth, he is temperamental, who may consciously throw tantrums to force his way. On top of that, Venus identified with finance and pleasure pursuit too is opposed to Uranus and Neptune. It implies that for fulfilment of his pleasure motive, he may wish to have quick monetary gains, even if it implies taking resort to unethical means. It also makes his character questionable. Mars placed adverse to Mercury and Saturn implies that he is restless, lacks focus, who may keep moving unmindfully in life, and with obvious consequences. He appears to be a habitual liar. Inherently revengeful by nature, which comes into full play if ever denied what he is asking for. In the heat of moment, he won’t hesitate even hurting the elders. Had these traits been identified early, timely corrective initiatives would have been possible.

From the above analysis, it is clear that the root of the problem is firmly grounded in his mind. So, only such remedial measure can work as would correct the thought process by absorbing fresh educative inputs, which a person himself can do under the guidance of a Guru. It is difficult to digest that transactional puja mediated by a pundit could invade the person’s mind space for necessary correction.

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