Be alert to live mindfully

Be alert to live mindfully

It is time now to see how we can reinvent the mind to come out with its wholesome power, which, if unfolded in full, would know no limits.  But before that, let us go through a case study, how important it is to address one’s habit tendencies.  The person under consideration was brought for counselling a couple of years back by his family members, worried about his erratic behaviour.  He was made aware of all his fault lines, and was also advised how to overcome them.  But nothing got registered in his preconditioned mind.  His unseemly conduct hit hard familial peace and harmony all these years.  Let us now examine his astrological pointers.

He was born when Virgo lagna was rising with headless Ketu there itself. Lord of the sign Mercury was placed adverse to Saturn.  Virgo sign and its lord, if free from any malefic influence is marked with high intelligence, discriminatory abilities, and a practical sense.  But when afflicted, native’s conduct becomes questionable.  Even though their awareness level be low, they pretend to be all-knowing, and present themselves as a perfectionist.  They suffer from what we may call “I am the only right person syndrome’.  They remain under the impression that others can’t understand their merit.  If ever, others don’t prove true to their expectations, they become overcritical, and belittle them with caustic remarks.  They try to impose their will on others.  Saturn’s adverse aspect further grants him with a fixated one track mind.

The finer coordinates of his chart too are no good.  The lagna sub-lord Venus occupying the 9th house is opposite mischievous Neptune and also adverse to erratic Rahu.  That makes him stuck to illusionary dream perceptions, distanced from ground realities, and not open to look beyond for a reality check.  Venus occupies the nakshatra owned by debilitated Mars, the 8th lord identified with serious difficulties, and incidentally the 5th sub-lord.  Whereas linkage of Venus with the 9th and 5th houses makes him a religious person, its opposition to Neptune made him a fanatic.  He can’t digest if family members ignore his religion bound advisories, when he becomes loud.  For, debilitated Mars conjunct Sun and opposite Jupiter points to his inflated ego, bound by self-defined dos and don’ts, and which also makes him irritable, impulsive, rash, temperamental, intolerant and impatient.

Mind indicator Moon is posited in Sagittarius, which makes him tactless and  undiplomatic.  He doesn’t think before he speaks and could embarrass anybody with his unpleasant and ill-timed remarks.  Moon too, occupies the nakshatra owned by Venus, which further adds to his self-delusional tendencies. On top of that, Saturn’s adverse aspect to the Sun brings in a sense of fear and insecurity.  Over a period of time, he has lost his sense of civility, sanity, order and reasons and his thought process has become incoherent, calling for immediate medical intervention.  So, he neither remains at peace by himself nor does he leave any scope for others.

Had the person tried to purify his mind as suggested, he would have come out of his preconditioning, and his scope of vision would have expanded.  It would have then dawned upon him that the world doesn’t necessarily move to anybody’s asking.  Second, nobody could ever be born a perfect.  Becoming aware thus, he would have worked upon his inter-personal relationship skill and developed a sense of accommodation.  Also, he would have been alert enough to consciously invoke his faculty of discriminate intelligence for due diligence, before taking any move.  His personal and domestic life would have become relatively happier.  He keeps talking about the need to sincerely follow religious practices in order that life, post death turns out good.  What he doesn’t realise that unless we learn to remain happy as of now, which sets the trends of future, life can’t have a pleasant ending, on which birth trends, post death, are premised.

Even otherwise, if you ever lose the sense of alert, you may have to pay a heavy price.  Immediately after corona virus cropped up in China, Taiwan took preventive measures in January itself, and so they remained least affected.  Other countries, including India, did not take the signal seriously for long.  As a result, more than two hundred thousand people, majority of them in the developed world, have already met their end, and the number is still mounting every day.


The issue continues ……

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