Awareness is Godliness

Awareness is Godliness

The takeaway from the previous issue is that we are all an inseparable part of a unified organism, where no individual has a reality independent of the whole, all framed into and interdependent framework. In this scheme of things, the efforts of all put together carries on the cycle of life, individually and collectively. By oneself, we can’t meet even our bare existential needs. We, thus, have a shared destiny. It, therefore, becomes a compulsive need to live in accord with all and sundry. Otherwise, irresponsible conduct of even a few could prove heavy for the whole world as is evidence as on date. The paradox, however, is that every being is born unique, all carrying varying traits, invariably driven by a sense of ‘I’, often at odds with others. The living world, thus, turns out to be a natural breeding ground for conflict of interests. That makes collective living in peace and harmony a really challenging task. Truth remains that the clash of ‘I’ has been driving us crazy, leading to all familial and societal discord, which has been of late growing day by day all across the globe. What’s the way out?

The obvious calling is to become aware of the working modalities of such a complex living order holistically. We may then know, where and how we fit into the game plane of this large world. Becoming aware, thus, we may be able to work out ways and means to relate to the living world with ease and comfort so as to live in peace and harmony overriding all individual limitations. Our learned masters realised quite early that it is only the sense of ‘unity consciousness’ live in our minds that can facilitate living in accord with each other, the absence of which increases intolerance and impatience. To drill this vital truth in our minds, they made provision for visiting temples of worship and places of pilgrimage. People of all caste and creed, rich or poor, educated or illiterate are to be there within one roof, without any sense of differentiation. When you go there in prayer mode, you bow before a deity, something you feel is superior to you. Momentarily though, but you temper down your ego. If, over a period of time, that becomes your habit, individualistic ego gets tempered down to your advantage. As numerous people visit such places in prayer mode, with time, the collective consciousness of such places become so rich that it heals you.

Gurunankdeo ji gave the concept of ‘unity consciousness’ a humane touch by initiating the concept of Langars in Gurudwaras for mass feeding without any sense of discrimination. People of any religion are welcome. In times of distress they are one of the first to come forward. It is all happening with people’s collective efforts and contribution. Those carrying on the service feel that they are doing all this in service of God. What a beautiful tradition indeed!

Pursuing the belief driven tradition in a cult mode may though give you a sense of satisfaction. You may feel that you become due for divine blessing for paying obeisance to God. That, however may not necessarily raise your human capital. The sense of divide may still not get away from our consciousness, as we normally visit temples and places of pilgrimage for individualistic gains. Here it is worth reminding that every living being is actually a temple of God. So long as the divine consciousness is available within, all your dynamic functionalities, which includes the ’power of knowing’ remains in play. When the consciousness element is unavailable, you become a dead matter. Do we ever care to service the temple of God that we all are, so as to come out with our best? For, usually we are not able to avail of wholesome power inherent with consciousness element. We could hardly use 5 to 7 percent of our indwelling potential, which is available by default. More than that is subject to conscious efforts. You need to turn your attention inwards and try to tune up well with the consciousness element. You then, not only become aware of your own self, you may eventually know the whole. But preparatory to that, you need to purify your mind of all its preconditioning and limitations. Following which, the whole landscape of mind will become accessible, when full human potential may get unfolded. The level of one’s consciousness would be at its peak. Highest level of awareness will be available, which spontaneously playing out in a being is Godliness.

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