Astrology for Human Resource Development

Astrology for Human Resource Development

Summing up the discussion in the previous issue, it comes out that on no count astrology can be termed as unscientific. This valued discipline, however, doesn’t need sanction of modern science either. For, it is a discipline in its own right. It has its own philosophy, structure, well-defined operative principles in conformity with laws of nature, and phraseology. Not simply that, if you look into the genesis of Indian Astrology, it will come out that it has laid down the ground for modern science to take off.

Astrological study in fact began while exploring the periodic course that weather cycle follows, vital to an agrarian economy. In the process, it was first realised that weather cycle primarily moves in correspondence with Sun’s annular cycle.It was later observed that though weather cycle follows almost similarperiodicity, but carries the scope for variation every year. They, therefore, enlarged their scope to the influence exercised by other planetary bodies moving round the Sun. Once enough of knowledge had been gained, worth formulating them, the need of symbols was felt. In the process, emerged the system of numbers, which in turn led to evolution of mathematics, the premise on which modern science took off.

Let us now look at the interrelation between energy variation in the cosmos and life cycle on earth in real terms. The most glaring example is high tides in the sea on a full Moon day. Bear in mind; human body comprises of almost 65% water content, with the same water-salt mix as in the sea, but with a difference. Water content is not in a loose form as in the sea. So, on a full Moon day, such upheavals in human body would not be apparently visible as in the sea. But it is difficult to digest that water-humor in the body, would not get affected, with related bearing on mental and emotional plane. Be it known that according to Ayurveda (Ancient Indian System of medicine), a being’s health status is subject to varying mix of water, fire, and air humors constituting the human body. No wonder, lunatics and stressed out people are worst affected on a full Moon day.

Every 11thyear,the Sun is subject to what is called ‘Solar Flare’. A study at Tree Ring Centre in USA reveals that following solar flare, the annual ring formed in the tree trunk becomes relatively wider. Over the next five years, the ring becomes gradually thinner, and then again progressively widens during the next five years.A Japanese scientist working on human blood has observed that female blood becomes thin during their menstrual period and pregnancy. But following solar flare, even men’s blood becomes relatively thin.

Here again, every 90 years,the Sun is subject to a major storm. Following a study of 4000 years of the flow pattern in the river Nile, an Egyptian scholar has pointed out that following solar storm, the water level is the highest. It then begins to gradually recede during the next 45 years, where after it again begins progressively rising. Such is the correspondence between the varying nature of cosmic energy pattern and life cycle on earth.

Now coming back to human life, we are all aware that mind serves as prime-mover of a being. It, in the first place, defines the functional mandate of a being, according as an individual’s mind is inherently framed. Second, it sets the terms of one’s desire-destination. Third, based on one’s habits and attitudes, it also holds the key to quality of efforts one may put in towards the task in hand. So, all actions on our part are preceded by intense working in the mind by way of visualisation and articulation of the action plan. Now, what goes through anybody’s mind can’t be read by any measure. But planetary motions, and thereby expected changes in the cosmic energy pattern can be tracked down with a fair amount of precision. It is on this premise that astrology works.

A still better use of astrology would be to look at the map of heaven at the time of one’s birth to figure out the way an individual mind is inherently framed, with all its positives and negatives. Applying exclusive human privilege of guiding one’s action by choice and discrimination, negative trends could be corrected through conscious efforts. The positives may then play out effortlessly. We could thus even reshape the course of our destiny. To sum up, astrology can serve as a very effective diagnostic tool directed towards human resource development.

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