Know your own self for success

Know your own self for success

Life is paradoxical. It is full of contradictions. The living world with all its enormity and diversity, where every being is born unique, each displaying varying desire and mind-trends, remains a natural breeding ground for conflict of interests. In such an intriguing world, there remains no scope for ever having a perfect situation in life – we always remain vulnerable to go through unforeseen twists and turns in life. Yet, we are supposed to work out ways and means to succeed well in life and with ease and comfort. But, in a complex world, is it possible, and if so, how?

Well, applying reasons, it is very much possible, and that is the challenge before all of us. It needs to be appreciated here, that unlike other species in existence that are respectively bound by their predetermined nature, human beings enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice. But wherever choice option is there, the probability of its use and misuse remains equal, with related ramifications. To overcome this vulnerability, human beings are armed with another exclusive privilege ‘Buddhi’ – the faculty of discriminate intelligence. That empowers you to dispassionately judge things in perspective and pick up the most appropriate lead. It lets you weigh between ‘what you want’ and ‘what is right’ and accordingly help make right choice. It does also help you visualise challenges coming your way in the right perspective due, and let you combat them intelligently.

Buddhi, however, doesn’t play out involuntarily. It has to be consciously invoked on every occasion, which calls for necessary alert for the purpose. Truth, however, remains that we seldom remain conscious about keeping this empowerment tool in active mode all the time. Ordinarily, we flow by the run of life driven by our inherent desire and mind-trends.  Our ‘Ego’ further plays a devil in the process, as it identifies itself with those trends and takes them as if that would be its end game. It won’t allow invoking buddhi for due diligence – whether the desires pursued are worth it or not; are we equipped to pursue them to their logical end; and whether environmental conditions are conducive or not – and with obvious consequences. When we fail, we either blame external factors or take refuse in the call of destiny, rather than looking within to figure out our own fault lines.

The other day, a gentleman came asking: “Sir, I pick up great ideas. Pursuing them, I earn substantially. And then in my next move, which apparently looks worth pursuing, I lose everything. The net result is zero. What is there in my destiny that doesn’t let me have my way? Please suggest some puja to overcome this vulnerability of mind.”

While looking for a puja, you need to first understand how one’s destiny is made out. Bear in mind; our life is driven by cause-effect chain. The choices that we have made in the past, have a carryover effect in future. The imprints of what we did in the past is laid down in our minds in the form of seed-potential, which given a conducive atmosphere will play out in future. Accordingly, the best puja would be to first know your own self – figure out the indwelling seed potential. You could then, once again applying choice option duly guided by buddhi, make necessary amends in your thought process through fresh educative inputs. That alone can let you rise over your own limitations. Any puja conducted by pundits can’t invade your mind-space for necessary correction.

Now look at your inherent desire and mind-trends. Uranus occupying the lagna, is trine to its lord Sun, which speaks of your high talent. The Sun in the 5th house marked with speculative tendencies, brings in gambling instinct. But at the end of the day, mind signifying Moon puts your ideas into action. Moon occupies Gemini sign, the one marked with vacillation, which is posited in the constellation owned by Mars in the 5th house, which further strengthens your gambling tendencies. As would happen in any gambling, the probability of success and failure remains equal. This vulnerability could be contained by applying sense of reasons, as it will let you make calculated moves and avoid playing blind games, which you often do.

The problem, however, is that intelligence signifying Mercury is conjunct its natural enemy Mars as well as headless Ketu, which makes you restless, not allowing space for due diligence. Consequently, you are tempted to rush through your action on instinctive judgment, and evidently to your detriment. The result is there to see.

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