Jupiter becomes retrograde

Jupiter becomes retrograde

Jupiter has acquired retrograde motion today and shall remain so till August 11 this year. Let me make it clear that a planet never goes into retrograde motion. But when it would be farthest from the Sun, it is little slowing down of planet, which in apparent terms looks like being left behind relative to the Sun. So, in applied terms, it may mean slowing down in so far as realisation of fruits of efforts is concerned.

Jupiter, by nature is expansive. So, retrogression means that expansive mandate of Jupiter comes under check till it doesn’t regain forward motion. But it comes with a purpose. It, in the first place, offers opportunity to self-reflect on all mental inconsistencies if any, and then working within inner frame of mind, resolve them all in right earnest, if necessary, through fresh educative inputs. Consequently, you may have clarity in vision and thought. Following which, you may be able to look at issues in hand in right perspective due, which may help pick up right lead. Second, reflect upon the unfinished task in hand, figure out the shortcomings, and then articulate ways and means to pursue them in right earnest. Third creating a balance between inner frame of mind and the callings of the living world around.

It is pertinent to note here that Jupiter primally stands for wisdom, spirituality, religion, philosophy, value system, approach to life, wealth, sense of justice, securing peace by the self and with those around. One needs to especially work in these areas of life. Especially, those born with retrograde Jupiter needs to pay special attention during this time, as they have an opportunity in hand to complete their unfinished tasks and expand their reach.

In case of people born when Jupiter was retrograde, and incidentally if during the ongoing time, Jupiter has become retrograde, things may not work on expected lines. But don’t lose patience. You may have to just wait till Jupiter regains its forward motion.

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