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Awareness is Godliness

The takeaway from the previous issue is that we are all an inseparable part of a unified organism, where no individual has a reality independent of the whole, all framed into and interdependent framework. In this scheme of things, the efforts of all put together carries on the cycle of life, individually and collectively. By oneself, we can’t meet even our bare existential needs. We, thus, have a shared destiny. It, therefore, becomes a compulsive {…}

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Existence is God

A great majority of people believe in the existence of God, which different philosophies perceive in their own ways. By and large they believe that there exists an eternal reality that creates, sustains and recycles life cycle. Also, administers the whole world, having eyes on our conduct individually and collectively. It is, as if, there exists a reality distant from us, who would judge our conduct and set the terms of our future qualitatively, according {…}

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The call of Lord Shiva

Society is subject to continued churning, which impels change in our thought process, priorities, and societal dynamics. The pace of change may sometimes be normal, which passes off without much of flutter. At times it becomes rapid, which for many unprepared, becomes difficult to digest so easily. For, the usual human tendency is to resist change, carrying the fear of its uncertain future ramifications. Yet, with time we learn to manage.  But there comes some {…}

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Unlock the mind to heal

Lockdown is being gradually eased out. People are trying to resume normal activities, but the problems confronting us are yet not over. It will take some time before things settle down.  As nature goes through unforeseen twists and turns, we are faced with such unprecedented situations. We can’t change nature’s course. But how we respond is definitely in our hands. If we negotiate with the challenges coming our way with fortitude and intelligence, we may {…}

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Don’t stigmatise eclipse

On the eclipse day, last Sunday, from early morning, I was flooded with calls from all those seeking to learn how to mitigate its curse.  They wanted to know: Is it necessary to observe fast during the eclipse time? Why no cooked food should be kept in house during eclipse? A detailed list of food grains identified with each zodiac sign (Moon sign of an individual) that should be offered to pundits to ward off {…}

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The effect of an eclipse

We will be witnessing Annular Solar Eclipse today. For more than a fortnight, the so called self-acclaimed arbiters of people’s destiny – half knowing astrologers – have been foul mouthing on U tube channels on pitfalls in individual life because of this eclipse.  They have been scaring people born with Gemini, Scorpion and Capricorn as their Moon signs about impending danger in their lives. Insensibly inducing a sense of fear in people’s mind is simply {…}

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Freewill can reshape destiny

Having shared the construct of mind and its operative mechanism as detailed in the previous issue, I will now give you an insight into the chemistry of mind. As explained earlier, we begin life with inherent desire and mind trends, coming as they may as a carryover from the past birth. Accordingly, mind involuntarily develops individual specific beliefs that set into motion desire trends, which in turn, excite corresponding thoughts. Some of these thoughts gravitate, {…}

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Awareness for mindpower

Continuing from where we left last week, it comes out that ‘Freewill’ serves as a double-edged sword. If, on one hand, it binds you to fate, at the same time, it also enjoins you with the potential to come out of its limitations. What choice to make, remains the prerogative of ‘ahamkara’ (Ego consciousness). The paradox, however, is that we are all born with inherent desire and mind-trends, coming as they may as Karmic carryover {…}

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Freewill Versus Fate

It is in human nature to look towards a better tomorrow. So, invariably we begin life with high hopes and aspirations. Accordingly, we set our dream destination. Dreams are necessary for reaching heights one is capable of, as they serve a focus to reach an objective. Since time immemorial the Moon fascinated and evoked man’s curiosity, seen every day – yet unknown. A longing to know and understand, it led scientists to send man on {…}

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