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Discriminate intelligence, the true empowerment tool

Having had a taste of the thin dividing line distinguishing the law of destiny and that of karma, it is time now to test the ground further in applied terms. Those bound by destiny, as we are aware, would believe that the future course of events in their lives are all preordained with virtually no scope for any modification through conscious intervention. On the contrary, those overtaken by their power of freewill often ignore the {…}

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Educative Import of Ganapati Symbolism

Every puja in Indian tradition begins with Ganapati worship. For, He is perceived to be Vighnavinashaka (remover or all obstacles). The ongoing 10 days period, which takes off on 4th lunar day during the waxing phase of Bhadra month, is especially dedicated to Ganapati in our annular calendar. The question now is: Why so much of importance to Ganapati worship? We all know that life as such does not move to one’s asking, and has {…}

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Almost three years now, it is a rare occasion when one or the other scandal would not be occupying centre stage of print and visual media. But so far it involved high flying politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate honchos. It is now the turn of our leading sportsmen to have collaborated with the bookies and betting syndicates, which has earned bad name to the game of cricket, so dear to the Indians. All these negatives have {…}

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Explore and Clean Clouded Mind

A regular reader of this column put up an intriguing question: “At times, my heart tells me to do something, but mind guides me otherwise. How do I resolve such internal conflicts?” Well, invariably the tempting influences of the seeming world are mistakenly perceived as heart’s calling. When we get caught up in the glare and glitters of what draws our attention, we begin craving for it. And the ardent desire to gain it is {…}

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You, Karma and destiny

Laws of karma and that of destiny are often confused as being one and the same. No wonder, as they both stand on the same premise: As you sow, so you reap. Evidently, taken on face value, the two concepts are related to each other. They, however, carry varying connotations in terms of how one would negotiate life in practical terms. Destiny, as we understand is the final culmination of how one would have conducted {…}

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Human beings are driven by their innate desires, laid down deep in the inner realms of mind in the seed form. These desires are sourced to two factors. First, the imprints of unfulfilled desires carried over from the previous birth. Second, the tempting influences of the glare and glitters of the seeming world. The two put together involuntarily define the individual specific belief pattern, which unless otherwise corrected, would drive a person all through his/her {…}

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Free your Mind of all Preconditioning

The world is a projection of one’s mind. The way mind envisions, ideates, discriminates, articulates, and wills upon is how one negotiates life. The aspirations nursed by the mind, tempts one to set the dream destination and accordingly act upon. The way mind wishes, sets the premise against which one forms world view. Accordingly, one would entertain the outer world in terms of one’s reaction and response to external stimuli. One’s habits and attitudes, which {…}

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Astrology for Human Resource Development

Summing up the discussion in the previous issue, it comes out that on no count astrology can be termed as unscientific. This valued discipline, however, doesn’t need sanction of modern science either. For, it is a discipline in its own right. It has its own philosophy, structure, well-defined operative principles in conformity with laws of nature, and phraseology. Not simply that, if you look into the genesis of Indian Astrology, it will come out that {…}

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