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"Jyotiś Śastra", as is Vedic Astrology termed in ancient Indian scriptures, draws its derivation from the root words: "Jyoti” or Light, and “ Īśa ” or Divine. As the name runs, this sagacious discipline throws light on the varying dynamics of nature-driven energies every moment. And that defines the way minds of those born under its influence are inherently programmed, and are accordingly expected to manoeuvre through the journey of life – as an individual and in the social collective.

How does Vedic Astrology benefit us in applied terms?

  • First, it helps us identify the basic framework of our making – the core strengths, the limitations of mind, and our desire trends. It, thus, sheds light on the conditioning of our mind, which drives our performing-self.

  • Having thus known our self, it helps to work on the mental limitations. This, in turn, paves the way for optimizing our innate potential. It also lends direction on how to empower ourselves even further by expanding our vision and intellect.

  • We could thus lay down the ground to give a qualitative turn to our performing-self and make life into a beautiful experience through conscious efforts.

What after all is the basis of Vedic Astrology, and does it have any scientific rationale?

To find an answer, let’s look at the premise on which this discipline works.

  • First, there exists a connect and correspondence between the cosmos and all existences on planet earth, as the manifest world is framed as a unitary whole. This vedic concept finds resonance in what Australian Physicist Paul Davies states: “To a naïve, realist universe is a collection of objects. To a quantum physicist, it is an inseparable web of vibrating energy patterns in which no one component has a reality independent of the totality, included in that entirety is the observer.”

  • It thus comes out that every point in the space remains in immediate and intimate connect with the rest. The concept gets further ratified by theory of non-location as propounded by Modern Physics. .

  • It, therefore, implies that any change in the dynamics of nature driven energies, has to have a related bearing on a being’s energy-frame.

  • All energy providers in the cosmos on functional plane – read planets and stars – being in incessant motion, when viewed relative to the earth, itself moving at a great speed, would imply that the dynamics of energy flux extended by nature, every moment, would vary widely.

  • Accordingly, the line up of planetary bodies in the cosmos, every moment, has to be unique. And that defines the uniqueness of an individual born under its influence.

  • The concept of time applied to measure the motion of planets and stars, is again so scaled in the Indian frame, so as to reflect the varying trends of the dynamics of nature-driven energies every moment. For, both in macro and micro terms, they are all tuned to the periodic motion of one or the other planetary bodies or astronomical referral point.

The above postulates serve as the driving spirit of Vedic Astrology. Based on them, an Astrological chart is drawn in a specified format for the moment of one’s birth, with the birth place in focus. That serves as the working tool of Vedic Astrology.

(a)What is an Astrological chart?
  • It is the graphical reflection of the map of heaven – read planet and stars – any moment with particular focus on the co-ordinates of a geographical location. Particularly so, because, the availability of intensity of energy impulses excited by a particular planet will vary from place-to-place depending on their angular orientation.

  • An Astrological chart comprises of two components.

  • Twelve Zodiac signs with one or the other in the lead. Each zodiac sign symbolises energies excited by a cluster of stars, being a part of the cosmic belt divided into 12 zones.

  • Planets placed in one or the other zodiac signs. A planet does not simply mean a particular cosmic body in motion. It actually symbolises the energy streams flowing through a particular region, with one or the other planet in focus.

  • Each zodiac sign and planet carries its exclusive stamping in terms of character and content.

How do the various planets and stars influence a human being in functional terms?

Emissions available from every cosmic body primarily excite a particular corresponding reception point in the brain, also extending sub-influence over the rest. And, that every point of the brain, administers set functions of the body, mind, and psyche, is how these energies would influence our life pattern. This forms the basis for assigning exclusive signification to different planets and zodiac signs.

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